5 Applications To Help You Surf Web Anonymously

There are times when you want to surf  web anonymously because sometimes we just don’t want to conceal our identity. Reasons can be many. If you are a regular TGC visitor we don’t let you go disappointed. So, here are five applications to help you surf  Web anonymously.

5 Applications to help you surf Web Anonymously

HideMyAss – This site may provide the best way to hide your identity. With HideMyAss you can hide your IP and history.  It will also help you to protect your online identity. Just paste the URL of the website and let the fun begin.

Guardster – This is a fantastic online proxy tool helping users to protect their identity. It helps the user to connect to the website through Guardster servers making it an easier task to protect the online identity and IP. What adds to its points is that it comes with the support of javascript and cookies which lacks in HideMyAss. And if Guardster is able to satisfy you then you can also enjoy its paid version.

Tor – It is a perfect app for Windows that will help you to perk up your online uniqueness. With Tor, you can prevent website from tracking your IP and other private information. If you own a blog or website, then you can keep its identity secret too.Fsurf – Tired of “lets block websites” game played by your ISP or schools? This tool may suit you. You can unlock the website that are either blocked by your ISP or organizations.

TryCatchMe – It is another proxy to help you protect your online identity and IP. Like Fsurf, this too has the ability to unlock the blocked website in your schools and other organizations.

The above ways are to surf the web anonymously for a better cause rather spreading unruliness on the web and unlocking some “must blocked websites”. But a must go tools!

Any favorites we have missed?

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  1. Tor is not a website. It is a Aurora based web browser and it changes our IP 3 times in a session. But it is dangerous too because it provides IP of the users from their database so it is also possible to get our own IP to different users.

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