Ways to Import and Display RSS Feeds with WordPress

WordPress has always been very popular among bloggers. Though it is a platform to express your thoughts through content, it has gained commercial importance too. With increase in tendency to use blog as medium to earn, blog traffic has become major issue. Though SEO and everything is necessary to attract more and more users to your blog, it is vital that post contains interesting and up-to-date information where external RSS fields can serve a good medium to achieve it.

RSS Feeds

Advantages of External RSS Feed

One will obviously think “Do I really need this?” And the answer is “Certainly!”

Because –

  • Improvisation of content quality and usefulness.
  • Increasing keyword richness of your blog/post/webpage.
  • Auto update and never ending flow of interesting topics
  • Bringing up what readers usually look for. Thus, making them stay long on your page and visit over and over again.
  • Using external RSS feeds relevant to the content on your page, spices it up.

Importing and Displaying RSS Feeds

Understanding the importance of RSS feeds, WordPress provides three ways to display and import RSS feeds:

  • Using RSS Widget
  • Using WordPress Plug-ins
  • Doing some custom PHP programming

We will understand all three ways one by one.

Using RSS Widget

The simplest way to import external RSS feeds into sidebar is using RSS widget. As shown in the snapshot given below, one can fully customize the feed on his own taste.

Wordpress RSS Widget

As you add up more items, they get arranged one below the other giving it overall crowded look.

Using WordPress Plug-ins

Plug-ins is not an alien word to bloggers and when it comes to WordPress Plug-ins, there are numerous options to choose from. With RSS, you are left with three choices.

Wordpress Plugins

  • FeedWordPress

Reviews say it is one of the most successful plug-in available for external RSS feeds. It imports feed content and paste them as posts. It is easy to use and can be easily customized to add more and more updates daily. Find the FeedWordPress documentation here.

  • RSSImport

RSSImport is allows you to display feeds without creating posts for each one of them. It provides three ways viz. PHP codes, Short Codes and using widget in Sidebar with which one can display feeds anywhere he wants to. Here is the detailed RSSImport documentation.

Custom PHP coding

If you are well aware of the basic PHP commands, then this option is for you. Using PHP codes and <fetch_feed> built-in function of WordPress one can easily displays RSS feeds on his page. It reduces overhead of one plug-in to maintain.

One can easily notice that WordPress provides number of capabilities for different class of bloggers to decorate their content with external RSS feeds. By following any one of the methods mentioned above, one can improve reader count and engage them more with his/her blog/post.