10 Best Web Browsers for Linux

Linux contains Mozilla Firefox has their default web browser. Mozilla Firefox has many features in it which makes it user friendly. It is one of the best browsers available to step into web world. But at times you may hate it when it starts using huge CPU memory and cause computer to crash.

There are many browsers available for Windows and Linux too. Are you planning to change your web browser? If you are a Linux user, you can choose from among numerous browsers that range in scope and features. The below listed one are the Top 10 web browsers for Linux:-


1) Arora

Arora is a web browser which is used as a cross platform> it is light weight and use less resources and runs particularly on Linux, embedded Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Haiku, FreeBSD, and also all other platforms which are mainly supported by Qt toolkit. This browser has lot of features which includes JavaScript engine, fast rendering, supports Netscape plugins. The main capability of this browser is that it has a standard-compliant WebKit layout engine which makes this browser easy to use.

2) Amaya

Amaya is an awesome web editor which is used to create and update documents directly on the web. This best part of this tool is that its an open source and free authoring tool. It is mainly covered by the W3C Software Notice and License. The main part which makes this browser as unique is that it is used today as a test-bed for new web technologies that are still yet to be supported by other browsers. The featured web technologies in a fully-featured web client with the editing and remote access features in a uniform environment.

3) Midori

Midori is a light weighted web browser supported for Linux which is the most preferred due to its high speed with low resources utilization. It is integrated with GTK+ 2. The features list includes bookmark management, Extension modules that can also be written in C as well as Vala. It also supports the new HTML5 on YouTube as well. Midori has always been an ideal pick for all of the Linux users. This browser as a web kit engine which enables speed access to the web, enabling flexible configurable web search.

4) Epiphany

Epiphany is a web browser made for Linux platform from GNOME desktop. This browser has combined so many features from the GNOME component list so as to make it user friendly. The feature of speed and accuracy make this browser to stand alone in front of others. It addition to that it also provides an elegant , responsive and friendly user interface that fits perfectly into the GNOME interface.

5) Flock

Flock is one of the most popular web browsers of the world, which is having a credit of award winning browser.This browser focuses mainly on the integration of various social media services like Facebook, Twitter and the rest. This browser has an additional features which include Ubuntu MeMenu which makes this browser a best choice among all of its the Ubuntu and Linux users.

6) Opera

Opera is one of the most common and widely used web browser which supports integration on various platforms like Mac, Linux, and Windows. It consumes approximately 36 MB when installed on disk drive. It is mainly built to concentrate on speed browsing and it incorporates various options along with shortcuts to simple web browser tasks. Opera consists of fully featured list like Speed dial, mouse gesture, panel splitting and cool add-on.

7) Swiftfox

Swiftfox is particularly built for the user, who wants Firefox to run much faster than its actual speed. It is an optimized built for Mozilla Firefox. It is based on the most advanced Firefox source code available, built for AMD and Intel processors. There are three types of Swiftfox downloading; you need to decide which type of download is right for you. You can download this browser at

8 ) Sea Monkey

Sea monkey is an all-in-one application developed by community efforts. This software suite was made by Netscape and Mozilla, they still continue to develop and deliver high-quality updates to this concept. It consist of Internet Suite, comes with up-to-date browser, email and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and web development tools which makes your web experience easy and comfortable. It is also known for its speed and allows you to access the range of options available in menu bar.

9) Swiftweasel

Just like Swiftfox, Swiftweasel is also a web browser optimized of Mozilla Firefox. This is also built for AMD and Intel processors. Unlike Swiftfox, this browser has an open source web browser that has proprietary software license. This browser uses its own setting directory.

10) Konqueror

Konqueror is a web browser and a file manager, it is powered by KHTML rendering engine. It is one of the most advanced file manager for KDE. It is an open source web browser that supports Java applets, JavaScript, CSS 1, CSS 2.1, CSS3 Netscape plugins, HTML5 and others.  It comes with nice set of plugging like ad blocker, automatic web page translation, user agent switcher, automatic image gallery creation, shell command panel, and more.

These are the best 10 browser for Linux with variety of features in it to make your surfing experience much easier with additional option.