5 Web Tools To Detect Yahoo and Other Messenger Invisibility

Many of the Instant (Internet) Messengers have the feature of being invisible to other users. I know you also go on invisible mode in Yahoo Messenger and other IMs. Beware, your invisibility can be broken. Yes, you can also find out, which user is online and set himself as invisible.

You can use the below listed Websites to find the real status of those users or messenger buddies. All of these Websites support Yahoo Messenger Invisible user detection. So, it is useful for Yahoo Messenger Users. And, all of these websites are free to use.

1: Imvisible.info

This is an invisible messenger user detecting website for Yahoo, Facebook, Hi5, Pidgin, eBuddy, Mebo, Webmessenger and Trillian messengers. Interface is very easy to detect any invisible user. Use this Yahoo Messenger Invisible Scanner to detect if a user is in fact offline or just invisible.

You don’t have to be logged in to your Hi5 account and you don’t even need to have a Hi5 account, in order to detect Hi5 users. It’s free and it’s the reliable invisible Hi5 ID detector provided by Imvisible.info. Facebook and Hi5 users can be detected only if they use Yahoo IDs to their profiles.

2: Detectinvisible.com

This website will help to detect the status of Yahoo users but also view and download the avatar of any of your friend’s Yahoo ID. This web tool works for Yahoo Messenger (any version), E-mail, mobile messenger, Web Messenger and any other IMs that use the Yahoo Instant Messaging protocol.

3: Invisible-Scanner.com

Invisible-Scanner is another Messenger Invisibility detector tool. It can now check invisible IDs on Yahoo Webmessenger, Meebo, Pidgin, eBuddy and other Instant Messengers.

4: Yahooscan.eu 

Yahoo Scan is also the same web tool as the above four websites. So, you can check any Yahoo ID’s invisibility by using any of these websites.

5: Vizgin.com

This is the same Yahoo Messenger ID detector tool as above. Just enter any of your friend’s Yahoo ID you want to check in the text box and then hit the enter button on your keyboard, in order to view the result in the gray box.

Although all of these websites are helpful in the same way, I hope you found these web tools useful to find the invisibility of any of your friend’s Yahoo ID. Stay tuned to The Geeks Club to keep yourself updated with the latest Tips and Tricks.


    1. There is no any tool, but you can check at your own. Just send them message (when they are offline). If you receive a red notification about they are offline, then they are really offline. If you not receive any message, then they set themselves as offline…!

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