Make your website safe for credit cards use

Any business website unwilling to disclose and commercialize website’s name address and phone numbers raises a flag of distrust and makes the website look suspicious. If you cannot inspire trust in your visitors, you cannot get them to make a purchase. Follow these guidelines and make your website look genuine and legal. Make it safe for credit card use!

safe website

Register all the website users.

Assign each user with a unique username and password. The process will eliminate the possibility of accessing your account by any wildcat, limiting the right to the user only.

This standard practice will guarantee safety to the user while using your site.

safe website

Encrypt and secure the data

Encryption is a format where an ordinary language is converted into a code. Install appropriate security systems such as digital signature certificates and Secure Electronic Transaction so the information is harder to intercept and decode.

Customer, if interested, will move to the ‘Order’ page to make purchases by entering his unique card number but will also check for an ‘s’ after ‘http’ in the URL. The ‘s’ letter after an http signifies that the site uses encryption technology. This technology scrambles credit card information to safeguard it against cyber-terrorists so make sure your website holds this ‘s’ factor.

safe website

Recent modern techniques employ use of unbroken key or close pad lock on user’s screen.

safe website

Use an electronic payment service that is set up through banks

Electronic payment services that are set up through banks devote a high level of security role-play.

Make your website look genuine and legal

Popularize the website’s name address and phone numbers.  Any business website unwilling to do so raises a flag of distrust. Therefore do the appropriate to make your website look genuine and legal.

Seek some professional help if necessary

To do this, contact more beneficial Business Bureau for their critical reviews and to evaluate your website on grounds of security. Make your website more proficient with their recommendations.

Get your website certified

An esteemed website will never show any reluctance in disclosing their business information about how it processes orders. The details of such processes are enclosed in privacy and security policies. Your website must feature at least one of these policy documents.

Take a trial of authenticated services like Verisign and PayPal that affords communication and commerce between your website and the consumer with confidence. Get an approval of verisign authenticated services like identity protection, Verisign trust seal etc. to know more visit the website Other official website such as PayPal devote much swiftness for making online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account through your e-mail. Log on to  to check what the site can do for you.

Contact National Computer Security Association for their certification if necessary. Once you meet the standards of the association you can post their logos on your site to boost your business.

Association’s logos on your site will signify that customer’s information security is a topmost priority for your website.

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