5 Websites that Let You Create Facebook Cover for Your Facebook Timeline

Facebook has now updated to v8 and has changed its design and look. Facebook wants users spend more time on the Facebook so, it has added some additional features. Facebook Timeline is one  new feature which kas been added to Facebook by replacing the Facebook profile feature. At the top of your timeline there is option to add Facebook cover photo through which you can convey anything to the other users who visit your timeline by adding a photo to it.

Here are the list of 5 websites which would be useful in creating Facebook covers for your Facebook timeline.

1. Cover Photo

Cover Photo

This is a Facebook application which helps you upload your image as a Facebook cover to your Timeline. This application also has a collection of sample covers which can be added to your Facebook timeline.

2. Myfbcovers


Myfbcovers website has a huge collection of Facebook covers which are segregated into categories. This site gives you the option not only to create Facebook cover but also create a Facebook College cover which is created by the selected 24 friends Facebook profile images.

3. Faceitpages


Faceitpages has application to create a cover for your timeline. Unlike the above websites it needs you to create an account to create your Facebook cover. This application has sample Facebook timeline  layouts.

4. Coverz.me


Unlike all the above websites this website doesn’t have option to create Facebook cover and it is going to be added soon. But it has a huge collection of pre-made Facebook covers listed into categories.

5. Coverjunction


This website has extra features from all the above websites. It can create a personalized Facebook cover like your most liked photo as Facebook cover or your top friends photo are personalized as Facebook cover.

Facebook timeline is not yet made as public feature it will be done soon, you can experience Facebook Timeline by installing developers Facebook application. You need make you Facebook Timeline public in order to make your Facebook cover visible to the public.