6 websites that let you fine-tune searching on YouTube

YouTube has a large collection of the music videos where you can watch your favorite Artist’s music videos. It is a hell to find the Official Channel of the Artist, later subscribe and watch them. If you use the normal YouTube search about the artist it fetches all the music videos and non related videos of the music to a artist.

There are some specialized websites that allow you to search only the Artist’s music videos, if you just listened to a song and don’t know who the artist sang the song then these websites are helpful for searching the music videos based on the song title.

1. YouTube Disco

YouTube Disco

This is the official website from the YouTube to search the music videos from the YouTube based on the artist’s or the song title. In this website after typing the artist name or the title of the song the YouTube Disco fetches all the videos of the artist in the YouTube. You can also create a playlist for your videos or you can watch them later.

2. Tublar


Tublar is the another website for searching the music videos from the YouTube, this website have some advanced options to search the music videos compared to the YouTube’s official music search website YouTube Disco.

In this website you can search the videos of your favorite artist or the band and also you can search the similar music videos of the artist or band through the Similar search button. When you perform a search on this website it fetches all the videos and shows on the right side of the website, the video playlist for the search keyword is created and the videos play continuously.

3. uWall TV


This website has a good interface, it shows all the thumbnails of the artists on the entire homepage. There is also a search option for this website to perform the search for your favorite artist or for the song title. This website creates an uninterrupted playlist of the videos for the artist. You can also watch the songs based on your mood like if you are in love it have option to create a playlist to play only love songs or if you want happy songs the happy songs playlist is created for happy option besides the search box.

4. Cleepr


Cleepr is the music search engine which searches for your favorite singer or the song. When you navigate into this website you can see most viewed videos on the YouTube on the homepage where all the above websites doesn’t have this feature. When you perform a search option in this website all the videos relevant to the search are fetched from the YouTube and when you play them they are played on the website itself without navigating to the YouTube website.

5. ViddyJam

Viddy Jam

Viddy Jam website have the features to play the videos similar to the artist, videos of the artist and finally this have an option to upload a Playlist from your computer to play on this website. The design of this website looks creepy for me because the design is glaring for my eyes. But the website have a good features  to search the music videos and the videos are played in the theater mode making the entire surroundings of the player dark. This website also creates a playlist for the search and played continuously.

6. Songs Pirate


Songs Pirate is the another incredible website for searching the music tracks on the YouTube. When you perform the search in this website it fetches all the list of the music tracks of the artists displayed in a chronological order. When you double click the song from the list the video of the song is played at the bottom left corner of the browser with a small player, you can also enlarge it by hitting the Full Screen button at the top of the video.