3 Useful Websites to Store all your Online Contacts at One Place

Have ever been flushed with anger after searching to find a particular persons email or contact info. It could be tedious to search a email of your friends when he is on Facebook but not on your email account’s address book or imagine how it would be organizing all your email address book and social network contacts at one place which could be easier to find a persons contact information.

Online Contact management tools help you to organize your entire contacts at one place. Here are the three online contact management tools for organizing your contacts at one place.

1. Plaxo


Plaxo is available in three plans, plaxo basic is available for free which imports all your emails, phone numbers, social Network Contacts to one place. After signup you need to connect to all your email accounts and social networks to import all your contacts to plaxo.

2. Flup

This web app works in a deadly simple way which can connect with Google, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. When you connect to your respective accounts with Flup it imports all the contacts info from the connected accounts to Flup. You view all your contact information at one place. When you login next time to Flup after first use it again imports all the new connects from the last logout. This application is completely available of no cost.

3. Connected


Connected is full fledged web applications which imports not only contacts from your email and social network accounts but also it imports calendars from Facebook, Google Calendar and integrates applications like Google Voice and Evernote. It can bring address books from Google, Yahoo, Outlook Contacts and Mac Address boo also you can email marketing with MailChimp,  constant connect and Aweber.

Conclusion: Of all the above three web application I have reviewed the best service I found was Connected website which Integrates some enhanced feature which are necessary in routine way compared to Plaxo and Flup.