5 Websites to Teach You the Meanings of the English Word Visually

If your second language is the English then it could be cumbersome at the beginning to remember the new word and it is slightly difficult to use the correct phrase for the sentence with the same word having two different meanings. It is scientifically proved that human brain can remember the content if it is visually created and creating the mind maps for the new phrases makes your task easy to remember all the meanings of the new word.

Here are some useful websites which show the meanings for the phrases visually in the tree map format and image format explaining the meanings to the word. These website are very useful for the people preparing for the GRE examination.

1. Graph Word

Graph Words

Graph Word is the simple website which visualizes all the meanings, synonyms and verbs of the word. This is simple website, you need to enter the word in the search box and hit Draw button besides the search box, later it draw the visual representation for the word. There is also an option to save the visual of the Phrase in the image format to your computer.

2. Visuwords


Visuwords is another website which shows the meanings and the verbs associated to the word in the visual format. It shows the meanings and associations of the word in the neural net format. After navigating to this website when you enter the word which you need to find the meaning in the search box, later a visual format to the word is drawn like a network node where the green colored nodes represent the verbs of the word and the other nodes represent the meaning of the word.

3. Lexipedia


This website shows all the nouns, verbs, synonyms, antonyms and fuzzynyms associated with the word in the visual format in the network nod. You can perform search operation for the word in the English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and in Italian languages. This website counts all the verbs,nouns etc. associated with the word and show them in number format.

4. Blachan


This is another incredible website which retrieves all the images of the word and also explains the meaning and the verbs of the word. When you perform a search operation for the word in this website the images describing the meaning of the word are shown in the left side browser and also brings the nouns and verbs of the word which is displayed at the center of the browser.

5. Word Sift

Word Sift

If you have come across a complex passage having many complex words where you don’t know the meaning of most of the words in the passage. Then navigate to this website and paste the passage into the test box shown in the home page and hit Sift button then the tag cloud for the words in the passage is created where select the word to know the nouns and verbs associated with it. It also brings the images from the Google image search to explain the meaning of the selected word also draws the network node for the word visually.

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