Microsoft launches Windows 8 Advertising Campaign to Promote Windows 8 Adoption

In an attempt to drive more Windows 8 adoption among Windows users and promote it before its global launch, Microsoft has started an advertising campaign in over 40 countries and has released several funny videos in that context. The primary reason for holding this Windows 8 advertising campaigns is to educate users, and public in general on the merits of using official copies of its products.

Microsoft Windows 8 advertising Campaign

The Microsoft windows 8 Advertising Campaign features television commercials along with print ads, banner ads online, outdoor posters and branded-entertainment elements such as the musical shows to be hosted in various countries.

“As we enter the final countdown to the global launch of Windows 8, today marks the global unveiling of the Windows 8 advertising campaign going live in 42 countries. With the reimagining of the Windows product experience—marketing is breaking from the past as well. The idea behind the campaign is to be more motivating, more rooted in the product experience – less tell and more show – by connecting in an emotional and culturally relevant way that maps to the breadth of the global reach.” Quotes Windows Blog.

The advertising campaign has given much emphasis to culture  through music. Here is a preview of the advertising campaign.

This first ad will run in the United States. It will feature music from indie rock darlings Best Coast.

Video Link

In Asia, Parkour—urban running– is highly popular and therefore the ad focusses more on Asian markets and hence feature Parkour performances.

Video Link

Asia and Southeast Asia regions will see an ad which will educate users more on relationship between work and play.

Video Link

A big part in living a Latin life is celebrating and spending time with friends, family and this experience is made even better by Windows 8 connecting you to them easily. This is what the ad below reflects!

Video Link

All these advertisements are a part of Windows 8 Advertising Campaign and just a sample of the Windows 8 stories and experiences that you’ll see come to life in this campaign.

Source – Windows Blog