How to get Windows 8 Metro UI on iPhone or iPod Touch

Windows 8 will be among the biggest release of this year, the most awaited operating system features the all new Metro User Interface. From Windows Phone 7, the live tiles system was emerged and ported to XBOX 360 Dashboard too.

Windows 8 has already attracted many eyes because of its simple and attractive interface. Windows 8 phones are about to be launched, but they won’t end up with the same user interface as Windows 8 has got for desktops.

This moment if you own an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you can easily get the same Windows 8 Metro UI which is featured on  desktops and tablets.

There is a jailbreak theme which replaces your native iOS user interface with the Metro user interface of Windows 8. The theme is located under ‘Dreamb0ard’ themes and named as ‘Metroon’. It is only functional if you have Dreamb0ard installed on your device.

Metroon is easy to use and complete Windows 8 theme and comes with horizontal tiles view with rich icons and smooth animations. It provides support for most of the apps and has icons readily designed for them.

The user interface is configurable where you can change the location of icons in the same way like Windows 8. Switching between iOS UI and Metro UI is pretty simple and can be done using a single tap. There is standard UI app list from where you can select your favourite apps on the go. You can watch video here.

Metroon is available in Cydia store under ModMyi repo for $1.50. It requires Dreamb0ard installed on your device, which is also available in Cydia store.

Once you have installed both theme and Dreamb0ard, a Dreamb0ard icon will appear on the home screen. Launch it and select ‘Metroon’ theme from there. That’s it, your device is ready with Metro UI.

There are other Metro UI themes available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad which even port the Windows Phone 7 UI to your device.