Get Windows Phone 7.5 experience on your iPhone or Android device

Windows Phone 7.5 running devices are already popular. The Metro UI along with Live Tiles is a very useful feature. Although new, the mobile operating system has improved a lot especially after the Mano update. Now even I am using a Windows Phone – and loving it!

You might have already tried out various customisation options on your iOS or Android devices to get the Metro UI look on your phone, yes that does work but now Microsoft is offering the Windows Phone 7 experience on your iOS or Android device via a Windows Phone emulator. This doesn’t completely transform your phone into Metro UI but just gives the feel of it.

Out in a tweet from Microsoft today:

Got a friend with an #iPhone or #Android? Now there’s a #WindowsPhone demo they can try on their mobile browser.

Microsoft is offering Windows Phone 7 experience/demo on phone running on iOS or Android. The steps are simple, just come back with your phone and visit to check out the demo. It works on your iPahone and Android Phones, but not on a Windows Phone.

This actually works. You won’t get all the features from Windows Phone but alteast the feel and taste of Metro UI, and how a WIndows Phone handles. The animations are smooth and lag free, it looks better if you are using any of the phones with Super AMOLED displays out from Samsung there. The experience is not full screen though, while going through the interface you can still see your browsers bar at the bottom like the Safari bar on iOS.

After going through this many of my friends using Android or iOS have decided that their next smartphone will be none other than Windows Phone 7.5 based device. This is a good decision and looks like Microsoft was successful in implementing the Windows Phone OS awareness between these two devils.