Little Wizard – A Development Environment for kids!

You might just laugh the hell out of yourself on seeing this program. Even I did, before imagining myself to be one of those on who this program is targeted. Little Wizard is a program made for small primary school kids who learn nothing more than paint in free time…

This application promises something else and helps them to learn basic fundamentals of programming via a colorful and childish looking interface. Using only the mouse, children can explore programming concepts such as variables, expressions, loops, conditions, and logical blocks. Every element of the language is represented by an intuitive icon, making it easy to learn. There is no coding to do, just drag and drop by mouse! Every part of the program is explained by a little, umm.. Wizard!

The Programmer Maciej Drozdowski has done a great job on this program. The interface is not a bit like IDEs, with just a place where you can drag and drop items and perform operations on them. If the children start coding early, say, at the age of 6, then by the time they reach my age, they might just become full fledged developers. Coding in any language would be a cakewalk for them and they’d find it enjoyable.

I, on the other hand got introduced to programming at about 10 and am still having problems while typing complicated codes in C++. This application, according to me is better than TuxPaint orĀ  KidPix, which are commonly used by students of age 6-10. In fact, I advised my own little sister, aged 8 to download and use this program.

Getting back to the program, there is nothing much in it. No coding to speak of, no typing, no interface developing..Just pure fun. In fact, I, aged 14 confess having used this childish program for two hours! Too addictive… By using this program, children can know what is looping, break, end, if, to, else etc. while coding their programs, and it is fun.

I remember the nostalgia of creating my first VB programs like temperature converters and area of circle. In fact, I still have a backup of them on my PC!

The application is available for both Linux and Windows. The links are given below:

Download Little Wizard: Linux Windows.

We, at TGC believe that computing is for fun and utility, and must not be forced on to anyone. If someone finds coding fun to do, he will definitely not find the C++ and Java lessons boring. The point is to generate the interest. That’s what Little Wizard is for! Kudos to Mr. Drozdowski!