WordPress Platform vs Blogger Platform – A Comparison

Blogging is a great plus point to your business because it enables you to communicate with your customers directly through your blog. You can also promote your newest products at a very low price through blogging.

These are the two main platforms for free blog hosting in today’s world so far, they are Blogger.com and WordPress.com. WordPress and BlogSpot are free blog-services that permit users to create their own portfolio or website online.

Here is the comparison of features of WordPress and BlogSpot given below, which will help you pick the best one to explore the world of blogging.

Comparison Between WordPress Blog and Blogspot (Blogger):

Blogger is more appropriate for setting up a journal or conventional blog format where you can post pictures, news, works in progress rather than a portfolio. The WordPress is started to provide services to users which offers both free and paid blogging platform.

WordPress.com has 100+ templates with wide range of styles. It also allows some customization like changing background, header and number of columns. Whereas the BlogSpot has plenty of template options but extra ways to customize the layout and style.

Image storage in WordPress free blog hosting services is up to three Gigabyte of space while it is up to one Gigabyte in BlogSpot. WordPress dashboard is more user-friendly and rich in high end features than blogger’s dashboard.

Blogger permits you to create up to 10 static pages while the WordPress has an ability to make static pages which are listed in separate menus. The WordPress does not allow you to run advertisements on your site whereas Blogger does.

WordPress enables you to sort posts with tags or categories while the BlogSpot has a tag option, but it is not that good means to display in the sidebar for your readers.

The WordPress community has developed hundreds of SEO plug-ins to improve its functionality. The absence of keyword tag and right Meta description creates biggest problem with Blogger SEO.

Both systems offer widgets for adding up a list of well-liked posts, archives etc, but Blogger has more options including slideshows and AdSense. The WordPress is said to be much more flexible than Blogspot, but the BlogSpot is far more secure than WordPress.

Depending on your knowledge and necessities choose the best free blog host for your blog. BlogSpot is one of the simplest blogging platforms for beginners and is very effortless to use but if you are looking for a more professional setup, go for the WordPress.

Have I missed something? If so do share in the comments please.

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    Blogger made a mobile version for all blogs which is free

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