WordPress Stats Extension For Chrome Browser released

It is impossible to find a person today who hasnt heard of WordPress. WordPress is probably the best blogging platform for setting up your website. Today, around 50% of the websites on Web are created and edited using WordPress. It has been proved to be probably the best blogging tool. Now WordPress has decided to make things even simpler for you-especially for Chrome users by introducing WordPress Stats, an extension that shows daily hits on your WordPress blog.

WordPress has taken this opportunity to raise Chrome’s popularity¬†to a new high by introducing an extension for Chrome that shows statistics like page views, clicks and more related to the blog. It allows bloggers to check their blog stats without even logging into their WordPress dashboard. A simple set up and you are ready to use this tool.

Setting Up WordPress Stats Extension

To set up WordPress Stats extension, one has to follow usual Chrome Extension setup procedure.

  • Log in into your Google account.
  • Go on WordPress Stats Page and Add extension to Chrome.
  • Setup will take few seconds and you will be taken to page where details like blog domain and API key are needed to be filled.

Authentication Page

  • Fill in the details and test the connection and click on Save. Once connected, a WordPress Stats extension logo will appear on the far right of Chrome toolbar.


The extension displays stats of your blog in terms of Top posts in blog. The menu contains list of all posts with corresponding page views aligned one below other. It also indicated search terms and clicks to make your analysis more feasible. In addition, a tab contains referrer information too.


For those who are highly conscious about stats of their blog, this extension is more than useful. It saves valuable time and provides real time statistics that makes it highly dependable too.