World’s first BitTorrent TV Announced

After smart phones, TV’s are the one to take place of the PC. Most of you might be already familiar with Smart TV’s featuring most of the popular web applications over internet which includes Facebook, Picasa, Youtube, Skype etc. This list gets an addition with the most popular application ‘BitTorrent’.

Torrent TV

Vestel, a Turkish HDTV manufacturing company has announced the first ‘BitTorrent certified’ TV at the IFA show in Berlin which allows you to download torrents directly on your TV and also allows you to share files. The prototype of this TV is shown in IFA 2011 which astonished most of the viewers but of course you will only be able to play media files.

Since most of the media files available vary in their formats Company says that all the conversion methods and codes are built-in in the application itself which saves lot of time required for converting a file. There is no information how this method works but I think that the TV or the application will be developed so as to support all the media extensions and codecs rather than having ability to converting each and every media into playable format. As it is not at all possible for a TV to convert media files within itself as it always require more room which is provided by the cores in the PC.

The downloaded media files can be played on TV along with devices like mobile phones or computers. This application will be integrated into a all-in-one ecosystem for BitTorrent-certified products codenamed as Chrysalis.

Once this technology is successful, major players in HDTV’s will also opt for this technology. Downloading and playing movies directly will make a easy way for less tech-savy people to enjoy HD’s without any hassle. Not enough information regarding the TV is available yet but its sure that TV will be included with hard disk drive with enough capacity so as to store lots of HD stuff.

via TorrentFreak