World’s Smallest Camera – Two Megapixels, 1.125 Cubic Inches and One Ounce

Hammacher Schlemmer introduced the world’s smallest camera earlier last week. The camera is a fully functional camera that is as small as the tip of a finger. Hammacher Schlemmer is world famous for introducing most profound products, just as this one. The camera measures just over an inch in dimensions; it weighs just about 15 grams. Although the form factor makes the camera look like a toy or a show piece, you can take great pictures using this digital camera.

smallest camera


Hammacher Schlemmer’s Fred Berns claimed that the camera is capable of taking pictures that are as good as many large cameras. The company has compared it to several digital cameras and suggested their world’s smallest camera to be no less in term of graphics qualities.

Interesting Facts

  • Size – 1.125 inches by 1 inch by 1.063 inches
  • The technology in the camera allows it to shoot pictures that are 1600×1200 pixels in resolution
  • It has a 2 Mega Pixel sensor that allows it to take sharp images.
  • The video mode is very capable at this form factor and can shoot 30 frames per second 640×480 AVI video. Both the video and picture qualities are pretty decent; that’s what we learn from reviews of the people who have used it.
  • The camera accommodates a 2 GB micro SD card and supports up to 32 GB of memory cards.
  • It can also be connected to computers with Windows 7, XP, or Vista operating systems, for viewing pictures and videos.
  • It goes without saying that the camera is very portable and a few accessories like the wrist lanyard enables you to carry it around without any trouble.
  • The camera is powered by a rechargeable battery that provides enough battery juice for about 30 minutes of shooting; it is advised that the camera be charged for at least an hour before taking it out for shooting.
  • You can charge the camera using the USB cable given with the camera.
  • Includes wrist lanyard
  • Comes with Life Time Guarantee

Hammacher Schlemmer has done well to bring this camera at a form factor that is ahead of its time.


This super portable camera is priced $99.95 only, in USA.

You can checkout the detailed product particulars and buy it on the Hammacher website.