Wowza Media server and streaming systems Review

How is streaming live, on demand and paid Video and Audio over public as well as private IP networks to desktop, laptop, tablets, mobile devices such as smartphones, Internet Protocol Television, Set Top boxes and other web connected devices accomplished?   Well it is accomplished by unified server software such as the one developed by Wowza Media Systems.

Wowza Media Server is a Java application which is compatible with a wide range of operating systems such as Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, UNIX, and Windows. The biggest advantage of the Wowza Media Server is that it can stream simultaneously to a number of customers and devices. The streaming can be effected onto a number of devices like the iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone, iPod and also 3GPP devices like Android, BlackBerry OS, Symbian, etc. It can also be used to stream data to Internet Protocol Television SET Top Boxes as well as gaming consoles like Wii and PS3.


There are varied uses of the Wowza Media Server besides Live video and audio streaming. It is also used by service providers of on demand Video or audio streaming. It is also very helpful for effecting interactive communications such as video or audio chatting, screen sharing and web based games.

Wowza Media Server is increasingly used by sites such as CDN or content delivery networks, mobile operators Television broadcasting stations and so also by Radio broadcasters. In coming times more and more varied uses are being discovered for such unified server software like the one provided by  Wowza Media Server.