Fondu for iPhone: Read and Write short reviews about Eating and Drinking Places

Earlier, there was no mobile recommendation app that could let you know which restaurant or bar your friends have just checked in and therefore you had no other option but to rely on views of strangers to find a place of your taste. However, things have slowly started changing with many new start-ups coming up.

Fondu, is one such purpose-built mobile social network designed specifically for writing bite-sized reviews about places to eat and drink and a community for sharing your opinions.

It is a modified yet simpler version of SpotOn which was developed on similar grounds however, ended up being more a social network rather than recommendation tool. Learning this, Gauri Manglik and her two cofounders, also the developers have come up with this new service, Fondu.

Users who log-in are able to follow friends from Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare. They can even follow other users on Fondu who place out reviews they like. You have the option to rate a place with up to four flower petals, something that was observed and brought over from SpotOn. In addition, there is a ‘Well loved’ tab for learning things that have received a lot of ‘Cheers’.  Also, there is a News tab that alerts users whenever friends post a review or other people follow them.

Unlike Yelp that makes you write lengthy reviews and which goes directly to the public directory, Fondu allows you to leave a maximum of 175 characters review, going just to your friends. The application now has been launched worldwide after testing it with 100 beta users.

In short, Fondu is a community that allows its users to share opinions, get restaurant reviews into your own hands. It mixes some of Yelp’s structure with Foursquare’s tips and Twitter’s small messages, highly recommended application for all foodies.