Xbox 720 – The Most Powerful Gaming Console ever?

Is Microsoft really on its way to announce the Most Powerful Gaming Console rumored as Xbox 720 ? And can we soon get our hands on its new and ‘Next Generation’ gaming console?

Well, Although there is not much information available on the new gaming console by Microsoft, it is quite possible the company will be looking for a ‘Total Victory’ this time.

In the battle between the ‘SONY PS3’ and ‘XBOX 360’, Sony clearly won the war as it was superior in terms of Technology. In spite of this, the Xbox 360 was able to out sale the PlayStation 3 to some extent. So now, the duo have moved to the ‘Next Round of the Battle’. A round that involves the release of new  and ‘Next Generation Consoles’.

Xbox 720

The Xbox 720 is rumored to be the ‘Most Powerful Console’ as it will pack in ‘6 Times’ more power than it’s predecessor, the Xbox 360. The console designs and concepts are not out yet.

This device is expected to include some kind of ‘Hybrid Chip’ that could make it super fast and smooth. It is therefore clear that the new ‘Xbox 720’ will be able to support DirectX11, multi-display output, 3D and 1080p HD Video.

 Tech Specs of Xbox 720

As I said earlier, it seems that this console will be powered with some kind of ‘Fusion Chip’ or a high-end AMD series. Pair this with an equally powerful GPU and you will be able to experience something like never before.

Most likely, this console will use the standard ‘Blu-Ray’ for their games or might even switch to pure Flash Memory. Even the Controllers design could be changed and different from what we had till now.

It would be interesting to see if Microsoft comes up with a totally new way to fuse the Standard Controller and the Kinect Technology. It is also quiet possible that this console could be running on a Windows 8 based system which will extend the power of connectivity with other Microsoft devices.

Another important feature that people will have their eyes on is ‘Whether Microsoft will lock games to accounts and whether the new Xbox 720 will be able to play used games’. And of course, support for ‘Backward Compatibility’ will always be a bonus.

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