YouTube’s Live Video Streaming – Are UStream and Justin.TV afraid?

Of course yes! John Ham, CEO and co-founder of UStream, have been found with Jason Kinkaid of TechCrunch, discussing about the future of live streaming video. Though this was around ten months ago, today you can look around the web and clearly notice the hype of Live Streaming Video.

Once upon a time Yahoo! also had a take on their live streaming video at the very beginning of 2008 and finally got it suspended in a year. While just before that, in 2007, UStream and Justin.TV established themselves to get started with live video streaming. Whereas another promising company LiveStream came up to be the leading cable operator through live streaming.

YouTube, just a few days back, launched its YouTube Live portal that will integrate live streaming capabilities and discovery tools directly into YouTube’s core platform.

Though we see John Ham elaborating the concept of ‘no threat’ from YouTube, for their $90 million business, as a matter of fact he should however not be that relaxed!

When YouTube started their Live video streaming service it was definitely meant to capture the Live streaming industry. YouTube has got all the requirements they need to capture the biggest slice of the market – widest reach, millions of user’s trust, brand value, and not to mention the cutting edge technology necessary for a video platform.

It’s worth mentioning, that Live streaming definitely doesn’t work for all categories of videos. While Facebook Live has also came into practice. Even U.S. President Barack Obama will be hosting his Live Town Hall over Facebook. We will not be surprised if next year it shifts to YouTube Live. Now since companies like UStream, Justin.TV, LiveStream will be fighting hard for their existence; and though many of them will survive due to existing users’ loyalties, they have clearly missed their chance to dominate the video streaming domain.

On another note, if we find YouTube to be investing much of their Live video streaming, in to the education sector then the possibilities could be endless!

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  1. I hope YouTube blows Ustream out of the water. John Ham and Brad Hunstable are two of the biggest scumbags you could ever hope to meet. I will celebrate the day they go out of business.

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