Zizorz: A new tool to capture and direclty upload screenshots

Zizorz is a new screen-shot capturing tool for Windows that allows you to instantly copy parts of screen or a selected area to your file or web. This tool is quick and easy to use. The application is developed with an aim to give some serious competition to other free screen-shot capturing applications like Greenshot and Shotty.

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By default all the captured screen-shots are saved under C\: disk automatically but does not give any prompts while being saved. If you wish to change the default settings you can do it by just right-clicking on the ‘Zizorz’ icon located in system tray, choosing ‘Settings’ and making the desirable changes.

For instance, you can create a shortcut on desktop and enable or disable the notifications.

Main feature of the tool/application is that when it is not in use or after it completes the assigned function, it exits itself to prevent any sort of system memory consumption. Though, this is considered as an advantageous feature by its developers it could be bothersome for its users as they will be required to re-launch the application for capturing another screen-shot.

Moreover, they will not get a preview of the captured screen-shot and therefore will have to backslide manually to the saved screen-shot list.

After the application is launched a message will be displayed on your computer screen; guiding you how to capture, save and upload the screen-shots. The application works well with Windows operating system (Windows XP and Windows7). To copy the screen-shot to Windows clipboard just select the desired area to be captured and hold the Ctrl key.

Zizorz guide

More controls are available but restrict their usage for free image hosting websites such as ImageShack. Developers therefore are interested in getting feed-backs from users to add more services and enhance the usability of its future versions.

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  1. To launch Zizorz, use Appifyer (http://www.appifyer.com) to set your own hotkey (or launch via Appifyer) or use the “Create a shortcut”. The shortcut has the default hotkey Ctrl+Alt+Z and can be placed anywhere – you can still launch Zizorz with Ctrl+Alt+Z.

    The main design philosophy is that by keeping “questions asked” and GUI elements to a minimum it will be possible to use the application really fast, after a while you won’t even notice you’re using a separate app to capture your screen – it’s just “a thing” that you “do”. It’s great :)

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