Top 10 Free VPN Services all over the world

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a popular typical method of networking using computers with the help of Public Internet Access that will allow two different users to share information across network across two Remote locations, or from a Remote Location and Business Home Network.

It provide secure information transfer by authentication users, it is frequently used by remote workers or companies with remote offices to share private data and network resources You can go fro this service if you have any problem opening websites like Linkedln, Twitter or social networking sites are blocked in your system.

OpenVPN – Free VPN client

Top 10 Free VPN Services all over the world

OpenVPN is a full featured SSL VPN software solution which integrates OpenVPN server capabilities, enterprise management capabilities, simplified OpenVPN Connect UI, and OpenVPN Client software packages. It accommodates Windows, MAC, and Linux OS environments. It also provides high-security and privacy. OpenVPN client do not work on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile and Android. But OpenVPN works on Windows, Mac. It can run in various modes ranging from a simple remote user accessing the private network resources.

PacketiX.NET – Free VPN client

PacketiX.NET is a Japan premium service. They provide you with PacketiX.NET online test service as well which is free to use.   The features of this service are- they are fast, reliable, easy to use etc. This service works on Windows and Linux only. Free users just have to install software on your PC and enter your free license number. You just have to download, install and connect it to use!!

UltraVPN – an OpenVPN client

Top 10 Free VPN Services all over the world

Ultra VPN is a free French VPN client/server SSL VPN solution based on OpenVPN. It hides your connection from unwanted ears and allows you to use blocked applications. It can be used by any individual who simply wants to protect his privacy, either on a LAN or a public hotspot. It has a limited traffic quota and the bandwidth is up to 500Kb/s depending on network conditions.

Hotspot Shield – The most popular free VPN client

Top 10 Free VPN Services all over the world

Hotspot shield is one of the most popular Free VPN clients. It came in to attention of users when hulu was launched as it allowed users to watch Hulu even when it was blocked.  The most attractive usage of this service tends because of its unlimited bandwidth and it works on both PC & Mac. It secures your connection at both your home Internet network & Public Internet networks. They also have UK & US based VPN services, these can be used to- protect your from identity thefts, Censorships and Wi-Fi Snoopers.


Top 10 Free VPN Services all over the world

This is the latest entrants available in VPN market. This service can do plenty of service for you like it can get an OpenVPN server, SSH access, PPTP & TOR proxy. It can also bypass strict content filters, browsing the web anonymously, securing your VOIP communications or remote access to your home/office workstation. This is also a free service but it is limited to 1GB per month and it works on Windows, Mac, iPhone & iPad.

CyberGhost – Free VPN service

CyberGhost – Free VPN service

Cyberghost is a free VPN service. It is from Germany and it routes you through German IP. This service is free for limited usage – 1 GB per month, Later it was 10 GB per month which was a lot more than enough for any user for surfing on websites, chatting and email. The abstracting point for users may be that once you register with them you will not be able to select the servers. The paid service is also affordable.


Security KISS Tunnel directs all your online traffic through an impenetrable tunnel to our security gateway. It ensures perfect security and privacy once you pass your documents or files. Everything is transferred into the encrypted manner which becomes hard to understand for others. It protects you from online identity theft and secures your passwords, credits card numbers, your online shopping details.


USA IP is a services which access the blocked sites and services. This gives you the free PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN testing accounts that are compatible with all the platforms today. It protects your data by encrypting the internettraffic and hiding your real IP address. This is easy to use, you just have to download the USA IP file, open the file and activate USAIP PPTP connections. Therefore you will be able to access the USA IP free VPN services with the username demo and the password demo.


As the name itself implies, you will be able to access all the inaccessible things. It will also hide your network address from those who don’t need to know. You can download this software or can use it in an open VPN mode. This service can be used freely for 6 hours. This service works on Windows, Mac & Linux platforms.


Top 10 Free VPN Services all over the world

MacroVPn allows you to access the restricted resources from your geography Internet connection. It provides your system with virtual” connection to the global network. This service is also free but it is like extended trial. It comes with the condition 2GB traffic and 256kbps speed.


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