Bluefish: A cross platform HTML Editor – Review

Web designing is one of the most widespread tasks, that can provoke the interest of a 10 year old or a 75 year old grandpa too! And for all those who aren’t grandpas and 10 year old, web designing is an awesome way to learn coding, or earn a livelihood or whatever.

In class 6, I was taught to make HTML programs through Notepad (Although I was a MS FrontPage junkie since I was 5!). Ah, the nostalgia of typing ‘My Name is Siddharth and this is my website’! And now, that I’m serious about it, its time to introduce you all to Bluefish, a cross platform HTML Editor.

I, being a Linux junkie tested it under Linux Mint 11. The package is a mere 2MB and takes seconds to download and install. You can find the download links at the bottom of the article. After you get it running, lets get along well with the interface.


The interface is minimal and there is a helpful toolbar in the left and many toolbars on the top. Below that are buttons for editing. In the center is the coding area and tabs on the bottom. In fact tabs are an awesome feature of this application.

The application starts quickly and there is no startup screen, the interface turns on directly and you can get coding within 2 seconds.

Now lets test the editor with a simple code initially and then move on to other complex items. Type the code andthen click on Tools>Firefox. Have a look at the screenshots below.

The editor supports JavaScript. So now we’re going to test it.We’re going to add a JavaScript to our page that disables right clicking.

Bluefish supports development in HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, PHP, C, C++, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Perl, ColdFusion, JSP, Python, Ruby. Bluefish is lightweight and easy to learn, while still providing many features to support the development of websites.

We conclude by saying that Bluefish is a nice choice if you’re serious about web development but aren’t a professional. It fills the gap between an editor like Notepad and an IDE like Dreamweaver. A definite download for every web enthusiast out there, considering the fact that it is free and tiny.

Download: Windows | Deb | RPM | Mac.

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  1. Bluefish is especially targeted at web development professionals. Dreamweaver may be nice for designers, but there is no single web application crated with Dreamweaver. Bluerfish has great support when working with php, javascript, xml and html in a single project, which makes it a killer app for professional web developers (developers != designers).

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