iTwin – A Double-sided Thumb Drive Dropbox Alternative

Dropbox is a very useful as it allow you to simply upload files to your online account and access them from a web browser anywhere in the world. But,  it has one shortfall. What is it? The free file hosting service has a storage limit. Though free for use, A DropBox account only gives you 2GB of space. If you want more you need to buy it at $99 per year for 50GB. So, for $99 with no additional fees or subscriptions iTwin appears as a better option.

What is iTwin?

iTwin is a two-piece USB dongle that has a male jack at opposite ends which lets you easily and securely access documents between two remote computers. How? It allows you create a secure link over the Internet between your home PCs and work PCs thereby creating a single, unified storage structure. And the good part is it is only limited by the size of your computer’s hard drive.

How to use iTwin?

Using iTwin is dead simple! When you insert the dongle into the USB port of your computer (Mac or Windows) it gets recognized instantly and installs all the necessary softwares. The device then asks you to name your iTwin Pair. It also asks for your email address. Why? You can remotely disable the iTwin pair using a de-activation code sent to you via email by iTwin supporting staff in case you lose one of the keys. The iTwin also looks for any software updates to keep the device up to date.

After all the necessary softwares are installed, iTwin opens up a window that displays files. Of course, you see the window empty first so you need to drag a few files and drop them in the window. Now, all you need to do is to separate the iTwin and leave the computer on with one half of the device. Next, take the other key with you and insert it into any computer with an internet connection.  You’ll have live access to all the files you have asked the device to share. Now with remote access, you can open any file in the shared folders, make changes to documents, rename them or copy them to the desktop.

Does iTwin offer good security features?

Yes, iTwin has AES-256 hardware-encryption enabled. Plus, you can right-click the iTwin icon near the clock and give your pair a password. The necessity of having other half of the double-sided thumb drive attached to a computer with an Internet connection adds an extra element to security.

 iTwin comes in a metallic, charcoal or lime greencolor and costs $99. To buy iTwin visit the official website.