How to Play DivX/XviD videos on your Android device

Video and movie files come in various formats, compressed using the codecs like DivX, XviD, H.264, etc. are challenging to play in every device. Especially, these format movies or video files will not explicitly support the default video players in Android smartphones. Well, there are ways that you can approach Play DivX XviD videos on Android. Check out some of them.

How to play DivX XviD videos on Android

Well, there are a lot of apps that offer you the playback feature for various formats. Among them, we have sorted out the best apps that can show you the videos in above-encoded formats seamlessly. Here are some of the best apps for Android to play DivX XviD videos on your smartphone.

VLC for Android

VLC Media Player is an open-source, free media player available across the platforms. The video player app available on the Android platform supports almost every Android versions. Using the app, you can play every video formats without installing any other special codec packages. The app comes with inbuilt support for DivX and XviD compressed videos, so you can directly open and play the videos. It also has options to change the playback parameters, audio compression formats, codecs, etc. You can use the ad-free app to watch any movies. Even you can download the subtitles right from the app itself.

VLC for Android


Video Player All Format by InShot

The Video Player All Format is developed by the InShot Inc., developers of the popular videos editing and photo manipulation apps on Android smartphones. The Ad-supported app offers a wide-range of support for video formats including DivX and XviD compressed videos, which are somehow advanced than any other Android apps. You can play any 4K Ultra HD videos in any formats using the app, with hardware GPU acceleration for better performance. The in-app controls are easily accessible. Additionally, the app lets you stream the videos to the Chromecast.

Video Player All Format



The MoboPlayer App for the Android platform offers many functions including the instant playback of any video format without the conversion. The app can encode and decode almost every video formats including DivX and XviD compressed videos. It achieves it using the Software Encoding technique. The app can also stream videos from remote servers through the HTTP, RTSP protocols. The app also contains several supporting ads, but not annoying.

MoboPlayer for Android



The Android version of the famous video player on PC, KMPlayer offers an excellent video playback on your Android smartphones. You can watch any videos with any type, including DivX/XviD videos,  encoding at highest quality using the KMPlayer. The only drawback is the in-app ads, that might even interrupt the video playing.

Like other advanced video players on the Android platform, the KMPlayer also comes with many controls. It includes playback speed, subtitle control, audio delay, favorite playlist control, etc. You can also watch videos on a floating window, which will draw over other apps. Also, it comes with an amazing feature that lets you play every video stored in your Google Drive at a go.

KMPlayer for Android


Above mentioned apps help you to play DivX XviD videos on Android. Hope you found them helpful.