Best PSP Homebrew Applications

The Sony PSP is one of the best handheld gaming consoles. There are a lot of things that you can do with it apart from playing Games, the main purpose of the device. And if you happen to have a cracked PSP, then you definitely must have heard about the best PSP Homebrew Applications.

Best PSP Homebrew Applications

Homebrew Applications are applications that are developed by third parties but are not digitally signed by Sony. You cannot run on PSPs with Official Firmware (OFW). Of course, you might be able to find Homebrew Applications that do work on all PSPs since they are signed. But to be honest, most of the cool Homebrew Applications do require your PSP to run Custom Firmware (CFW).

Best PSP Homebrew Applications

So here is a list of some of the best and interesting Homebrew Applications that I have been able to find for you. I will surely tell you about all of these but I will not be able to give you the actual files nor will I be able to give you any links using which you can download them. So you will have to find them on your own on the Internet. It won’t take much time if you Google them.

1. Homebrew Sorter

This is one of the best Homebrew Applications you will ever come across. This application lets you sort the Games and Other Homebrew Applications present on your Memory Stick using a proper sorting menu. Many a times it happens that the games you transfer on your Memory Stick are arranged in a manner that you do not like and there is nothing you can do about it, simply because many people think there is no way to do anything about it. But now you will know how simple and easy it is once you get this Application.

2. Lock the Folder

This is another cool Homebrew Application. This application allows you to lock the content on your Memory Stick. So you can lock the Photos, Music, Videos and even the Games present on your Memory Stick using a password system. Hence no one will be able to access your Games and Data without your permission. The best part is, you can lock only those things that you want and the other things can be kept unchanged. This is my favorite of all the best PSP Homebrew Applications we have listed.

3. Module Checker

This is a Homebrew Application that runs even on a PSP with Original Firmware. Actually speaking, this Application is made specifically for PSP 3000 models running OFW and CFW. Module Checker tells you the MODULE of your PSP 3000. This information is very important and mandatory if you are planning to downgrade your PSP 3000 to an Older Firmware. This is important because PSP 3000 models with Module ‘09G’ have a high probability of not being able to go back to an older firmware. Hence it is very important to check the PSP Module.

4. Chronoswitch Downgrader

As the name suggests, the purpose of the application is to downgrade your PSP. Many a time, PSP users want to downgrade their PSPs Firmware instead of updating it to the Latest Release. Logically speaking, downgrading is not possible but Chronoswitch Downgrader makes it happen. It is easy and simple if you follow the step-by-step process. However, if you miss out somewhere or do something wrong, then things will look tough. If you are interested in downgrading your PSP using this tool, then you might want to check out this post.

5. Black Speed 2

This is an application that lets you test the Speed of your Memory Stick. This application provides us with a very simple, fast and easy way to check the READ and WRITE speeds of your Memory Stick. Hence using this application, you can check whether a Memory Stick is Original or not since almost all fake Memory Sticks will show very poor results when tested.

6. PSpaint

This application is fun to use. PSpaint tries to bring the ‘Microsoft Paint’ to your PSP. You can actually draw and color on your PSP and even save the files that you have created. Considering the screen size of the PSP and the limitations due to the controls, the PSpaint does a very good job.

7. Bookr

Bookr is very similar to PSpaint. Because Bookr brings the ‘Adobe Reader’ directly to your PSP. That’s right, using this application you can run PDF files on your PSP. So now you can even read your favorite books on your PSP. How cool is that, you do not need a separate device to run your PDF files.

Which of these best PSP Homebrew Applications is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.