9 Tips to make Google Chrome Easier to Use

Chrome is a very user friendly and fast browser, developed by Google to keep itself ahead in the two decade old Browser war. The latest stable version of Google Chrome is v12.0, the new version has been updated with new features and known bugs fixes. Well, here we are going to guide you how to use Google Chrome browser to make it work more easier.

Chrome tips

1. Open multiple pages at once when you start the browser

When you open Chrome, by default it opens the home page. You can change this behavior and tune it to load some sites at once. To facilitate this, move to Basics tab and select Open the following pages. This will let you open sites together in one click which you visits more frequently.

2. Pin frequently used Websites Tabs to make them always visible

When you open lots of tabs in one browser window, it shortens the tab size to fit all open tabs in your viewing space, which make it difficult to identify the sites tab which you need more frequently. So, to overcome from this problem, Google Chrome has this awesome option, called as Pin Tabs. It will pin your tab and makes it visible permanently in the browser window. To do this, click on any tab which you want to Pin, right-click on it and select Pin Tab. Pinned tabs are always visible on the left side of the screen.

3. Create Applications of your favorite websites

Its another useful method to obtain quick access to your favorite Websites. To do so, click on Control and Customize button, select Tools, then click the Create application shortcuts option. It will send the active site to the desktop, Start menu or Pin it to the Taskbar. The new shortcuts will run the site in a new browser window.

4. Add Home button to the toolbar

Chrome is a very minimalist browser. Google has removed all the functions that were not absolutely necessary, such as Home Button. To display Home button, go to options, in basics, check the Show Home button box.

5. Use the browser as a Calculator

Google Chrome can be used as a simple calculator. In the address bar just write mathematical operations, it does not even requires to press the Enter. Just look at the list of suggestions, you’ll see the result at first place.

6. Use AutoComplete

The browser has a very extensive AutoComplete form data system. To use it, go to Options card (Personal Stuff). Then you must click the AutoComplete options. Using the Add address, you can create additional profiles with data such as name, address, or phone, basically asked by various websites when you register with them or fill online shopping details.

7. Faster access to history and bookmarks

Chrome’s address bar recognize additional commands that facilitate access to various UI elements. And so, enter “chrome://downloads” takes you to the history of downloads. The “chrome: / /bookmarks” takes you to the bookmarks list and “chrome://history” show you the history of viewed Web pages.

8. Remove the label text of bookmarks from bookmarks toolbar

This option is hidden by default in the Chrome, you can enable bookmarks bar (Ctrl + Shift + B) to fast access your most used websites. All items displayed there can render text labels. You can fit more bookmarks by editing and removing contents of the Name field while adding or editing bookmarks.

9. Synchronize settings between computers

Chrome has powerful synchronization mechanism. In addition to bookmarks, it also Syncs all your browser settings with your linked Google account. To enable this feature go to Options, select a bookmark private things, and then look at the Synchronization section. This function works only if you have a valid Google Account.

I hope you find these tips useful. If you have more tips like these, do share with us!