Top 3D Modeling apps for Android and iOS

Only the powerful computers were capable enough to create and manipulate the 3D models in the earlier days. It has now changed, and even a smartphone could create, view and render the 3D models and sketches quickly. Apart from the standard CAD Software packages, there are many other apps available for both the Android and iOS platforms that you can use to create 3D easily. Below are some of the top 3D Modeling apps for Android and iOS.

Top 3D Modeling apps for Android and iOS

We have found a lot of apps on both platforms’ app stores. Here are the top five apps sorted out of the available 3D modeling app for Android and iOS. Check out them below now.

  • Onshape 3D CAD
  • Sketch 3D
  • eDrawings
  • AB3D

1] is a fantastic platform, one of the best 3D Modeling apps on phones, where you can use to test and improve your skills in 3D modeling. You can use the app on a smartphone, without having much-sophisticated knowledge. Unlike other CAD modeling apps, it allows you to create the shapes directly. There are no unnecessary drawing elements and graph perspectives added. The basic building shape blocks available are cubes, spheres, cylinders, cones, etc. You get the app from both the App Store and Play store. App for 3D Modelling

Download: Android | iOS

2] Onshape 3D CAD

Onshape is the revamped CAD system that allows engineers and designers to create, modify and share design across the networks. The service is cloud-enabled so that you can store your data securely. It also allows accessing the models from anywhere using any devices. While sharing, you can control the access to each user who you grant the permissions.

Onshape 3D CAD App

Download: Android | iOS

3] Sketch 3D

Using Sketch 3D anyone can build the 3D models, including the complex ones in a natural way. You can quickly create birds, animals, humans, etc. using simple colors and shapes, even if you are not an expert. The creators suggest the app for student and teachers to learn about three-dimension and modeling efficiently. The app is available for both Android smartphones and the iPhone.

Sketch 3D Easy 3D modeling

Download: Android | iOS

4] eDrawings

Using the app, you can create 3D models for standard reference as well as for the Augmented Reality. You can view the models you created in AR section and look like it in the real world. Additionally, you can choose where to store your 3D models and CAD files – Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.

eDrawings 3D Modeling app

Download: Android | iOS

5] AB3D

AB3D is the most straightforward, lightweight product from AD3DLab. It mainly focuses on beginners who like to create 3D models and sculptures to 3D print them. There is a “cube view” that helps in learning how the three-dimensional models exist. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

AB3D 3D Modeling app

Download: Android | iOS

Above mentioned are the top five apps that you can install on your smartphones, both Android and iOS, to create and share the 3D models easily. There are tons of apps available on both the stores. But, the above apps outperform most of them. Let us know through the comment box below if you have more suggestions regarding the best apps that we can add to this list.