5 Best Websites to Resize and Convert Images Online

The image resizing tools are necessary if you are running a blog with the images. Of course, there are many desktop tools for resizing images, if you are not interested to install too many desktop tools. Here are alternatives to resize images online.

Mentioned below are the best websites to resize images online.

ezyImage Resizer

ezyImage Resizer

ezy Image Resizer works with the java plug in installed in your browser. This website has a simple design where you can re-size and convert multiple images online. It can reduce the size of the images to a specified percentage. Unlike other image sharing websites it doesn’t store your images in its server. You just need to select the destination folder where the converted images could be saved.

Fix Picture

Fix Picture

Fix Picture is the handy website which can resize and convert images to other formats. It can convert images to formats like JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP, TGA, ICO, ICNS, PDF. This website has options to upload the images through the flash format, and the ordinary format. This also include the additional options like rotating the image, adding effects etc.  Also, it can output the image either in the good, better or in a best quality.

Resize Your Image

Resize Your Image

The above two mentioned websites can resize images in fixed formats but Resize Your Image website gives you the option to customize the size of the images. Also, it can zoom, and rotate the image. Using this website you can’t upload the batches of the images but you can process only one image at a time. This website supports upload of the images of the different file extensions like .jpg, .png, .gif etc.

Pic Resize

Pic resize

If you need to resize a batch of images then Pic Resize website would be a better choice. There are two options, either you can resize a single image or multiple images at a time. This website has a custom resize option, also it can reduce the size of images up to 25% or 50% or 75%. You can also optimize the image with the effects that are available in this website.

Web Resizer

Web resizer

Web Resizer is idle for optimizing the digital images which size less than 5MB. This website lets you crop, and boarder the image. Other than this you can also resize images as usual, rotate the images, enhance the image quality by adding or reducing the contrast or color saturation.

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