5 Websites to Send Large Files Instantaneously

There are many websites to send large files to your friends but because of the SOPA effect many files sharing websites are under trouble, even some have closed their services because of the fear of the fed raids. At present, it is not good to make use of these websites to share/send the files as their future remains uncertain.

Probably if not these file sharing services, there are many other websites which helps you to perform the task of sending files seamlessly. However, Before starting, you are required to create an account with them. Also, some websites do not provide the option to send the files until you download their desktop tool which uploads the files to their server from desktop. So, here are a few web apps which sends the large files without registering account or downloading the desktop tool of theirs.


1. Streaky


Streaky website can send you the files of up to 2GB. The website is designed with the wallpapers which continuously slide around on the background. You just need to enter the different emails of yours, and friends to whom you are sending, write the message if any, and upload the files. While uploading the files select the option ‘Delete the files after first download’ so that they would remain private.


2. File Dropper

File Dropper

File Dropper is the nifty website which helps you to share the files of up to 5GB. Unlike the above site it doesn’t want you to fill the emails of the sender and the receiver, just select the files and hit the upload button. Later a customized link is provided which you can share with your friends personally through the email or the social network websites.


3. Send Large Files


Send large files website functions in the similar fashion as the Streaky where you need to enter the emails of the sender, and receiver. Then select, and upload the files which you need to send  to your friend. Later, the files are sent to the receiver.


4. Drop Send


This website gives you the option to send files up to 2GB. Where, like the above websites Drop Send also needs to enter the emails of the sender and the receiver to send the files. With this website the files get deleted after the first download of the files so, that files are inaccessible to the others.


5. File Mail


File Mail is the other website which sends the files up to 2GB, if you need to send the files beyond 2GB then you have to upgrade your account to premium where you can send unlimited files.