How to Recognize, Avoid, Prevent Facebook Spam

Facebook the word which gives the power to get socialize… is no more just a social networking website – but it’s the second identity for the individual. We love the way Facebook is working and growing. With Like pages, wall, video and url sharing, applications, different kind of APIs makes facebook different from any other thing in the world. Facebook is the source to reach anyone more quickly for anything. That makes the database more bigger day by day. While most use it for good, some use it for spamming.

So, here we will be showing you how you can recognize the spam url’s on Facebook profiles or walls.

Here in this case (the photo give below) which you can see that there is a URL on my wall which was shared by one of my friend on Facebook. It was actually showing an extension which doesn’t exist.

facebook spam

Always remember for the these kind of URLs not to click on them because they are spoof links and get redirect to some other webpage where it will ask you to enter the FaceBook log-in credentials. Your Facebook page would all probabibility be compromised and then the ‘bad guys’ will start sending spam to your your friends.

In another case (picture given below) we can see once again a post on wall through my friend:

facebook spam

But here when you visit this link it will show a page which looks more similar to the Facebook, like in the screenshot given below:

facebook spam

Here it will ask you for a code to copy on the address bar on your facebook profile but this code is actually used to get all the data of yours and your network. So, with that they use it to push e-mails on to those contacts and start popping up the chat with some spam URLs from your profile it self.

On Facebook while chatting always make sure not to provide your passwords and user ids of your accounts because sometimes the bad guys can be log into to your best friend’s account, and start start hacking, through all the your e-mails and start taking their benefit through your contacts.

So, here in the given picture you can see someone has gave me a web address to checkout a video over there:

facebook spam

This is the url which takes you to some video gallery and there it will ask you to make a new user account with your Facebook profile url. Then from there it will start your chatting and provide the same URL to all the friends in your network to make the do the same procedure with them.

Here in the image given below we can see a video which I have shared through YouTube:

facebook spam

Now the image is telling you that if the video is from YouTube then it will show for sure below it. If the video is on Facebook itself then it looks something like this:

facebook spam

So if you get some different preview or if you dont get the link under the video, then chances are that its a spam video link.

So its best to always take care before clicking any links on Facebook. A simple rule to follow: If in doubt; don’t!

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