Activate call forwarding & waiting in RealMe phones with ColorOS

If you own a RealME phone, you should know that call forwarding and waiting in RealMe phones is the same has Oppo Phones as both run ColorOS. Since this is a network supported feature, you can only activate it when having a working SIM inside. Let’s figure out how to get this done.

Activate call forwarding & waiting in RealMe Phones with ColorOS

While call forwarding transfers your call to another number, call waiting sends out a tone during an ongoing call. That signals that somebody else is also trying to call you. Since every OEM changes settings, and layout according to their experience, here is how you can activate these features in Realme Phones.

Activate call forwarding in RealMe Phones with ColorOS

Make sure you have a SIM card in place as these features depend on the carrier. That said, while the features are free now, do make sure to confirm from your operator about it. In case you have two SIM inside your RealMe Phone, you will have to individually configure call forwarding for each of them.

Call Settings in RealMe

  • Open Settings > Calls > Carrier’s Call Settings.
  • Next screen will show options like Voicemail, Fixed Dialing Numbers, Call Forwarding, Call Barring and additional settings. Select Call Forwarding.
  • This will offer you four options–Always Forward, Forward when busy, forward when unanswered, forward when unreachable.
  • Depending on what suits you best, select the option. I usually set for when it’s out of range or when I don’t attend the call.
  • Then input the number manually or from the contact book.
  • Update and exit.

Activate call forwarding & waiting in RealMe

Post this setting, now when someone calls you, and your phone or number is in one of these scenarios, the call will be forwarded to another number.

Activate call waiting in RealMe Phones with ColorOS

Mostly enabled by default, if it’s not working for you, here is how you can check.

  • Open Settings > Calls > Carrier’s Call Settings.
  • Click on Additional settings from the next settings screen which also includes call forwarding.
  • Toggle to turn on the option for call waiting. If you are here to disable it, just toggle the option off.

So that’s how easy it is. It is best to activate call forwarding and waiting in RealMe Phones with ColorOS so you don’t miss a call.

Important notes

Call forwarding, call waiting, call barring, etc are very common now. It is available as a basic free service in most of the countries. However, always make sure that the policies did not change recently, and you know if it’s paid or free.

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