How to Activate call forwarding & waiting in Vivo Phones with FunTouch OS

Call forwarding is one of the critical features of a phone, which makes sure you don’t miss a call. What it does is very simple. It forwards incoming calls to your number to another designated number based on certain conditions. In this guide, we are showing how you can activate call forwarding & waiting in Vivo Phones with FunTouch OS.

That said, do note that this feature needs to be supported by the cellular network providers. If you are not able to activate and Vivo call waiting is not working for some reason, you need to get in touch with your operator. The call waiting &forwarding are the most used settings, as they offer to avoid the instances that you miss the calls.

How to Activate call forwarding & waiting in Vivo Phones with FunTouch OS

Vivo offers FunTouch OS in its smartphones. It varies a lot compared to stock Android experience, and the settings are a bit different. It will work on Vivo V15 Pro, V17 Pro, Z1X and all the vivo phones available in the market.

Activate Call forwarding for Vivo Phones with FunTouch OS

  1. Insert the SIM card.
  2. Go to Settings > Phone > SIM Card
  3. You have a “Call forwarding” option here. Tap on it. It will open Vivo call waiting setting.
  4. Now choose under which scenario you want to activate call forwarding for your Vivo Phone.
  5. The settings will have the following options. Always forward, When busy, When unanswered, When unreachable.Vivo Phones: Activate call forwarding & waiting with FunTouch OS
  6. Select the option which fits well in your scenario. It will open a small window.
  7. Here you can enter a number manually or pickup from the contact book.
  8. Once you select a number, click on enable.
  9. It will update the settings, and you are done.

To turn off Call forwarding, come back to the same place, and select disable. You can also update to another number if you wish to change.

Activate Call waiting for Vivo Phones with FunTouch OS

  • Go to Settings > Phone > SIM Card
  • You have a “Call waiting” option here. Tap on it.
  • Turn on the toggle.

Important notes

Call forwarding, call waiting, call barring, etc. are very common now. It is available as a basic free service in most of the countries. However, always make sure that the policies did not change recently, and you know if it’s paid or free.

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