Checklist of Effective and Successful Social Media Optimization Techniques

Just having good content on your sites is not enough to attract traffic. Making your presence felt in the social media involves directing a lot of effort towards making your content social media ready or social media friendly so that your articles are shared more rapidly across networks.

Social Media

Thus Social Media Optimization (SMO) refers to the addition of certain elements to your content or website so as to easily spread them across big social sites.
Social Media Optimization

Some of the rules of SMO

  • Improve your linkability. Linkability refers to the act of linking back to your site from other sites or articles.
  • Encourage proper tagging and bookmarking for related content only rather than putting your links just anywhere.
  • Be one of them. Before marketing your site on a social media, always make sure you make a place among those people. First become a user of that social site and then talk about your site. People on social media don’t like foreigners much and refer them as spam.
  • Offer rewards to inbound links by way of mentioning those blogs which link back to your site through permalink.
  • Allow your content to travel – first by creating top-notch content and second by submitting it to sites that attract high traffic. It not only generates content but also spreads the words about you.
  • Try being a user resource even if that is not of any help in the beginning. By linking to content that you have not created, you are making your site contain all inclusive information on a particular topic. This will result in people linking back to you in the long run.
  • Recognize those who have contributed to your site and reward them accordingly. People loves you when you talk about someone else rather than always talking about you only.
  • Try to participate in whatever discussions are going on in the blogs of other people. Create and maintain your presence in the blogosphere.
  • Identify your target audience and make 90% of your moves for them only. Don’t get diverted but putting distributed efforts.
  • Create content that will generate interest among your visitors, and not those which will only make you money.
  • As surfers always look for specific content, linking to a site that has an irrelevant content is not a good idea and users looses trust on your site.
  • When you become popular, remain humble and do not let the success get over you.
  • Do not shy away from trying new things. Put a small slice of your budget for experiments like conducting contests, free give-aways, spreading your site to platforms other than web, etc.
  • In due course of time, try to develop a sound SMO strategy with exact budget and implement the same properly. This plan should be generated from the experience of your successes and failures during your SMO ventures.


In short:

Social Media Optimization