How to disable WhatsApp Message Blue mark Read Receipts

Everyone is aware of WhatsApp’s freaking new feature – Read Receipts. People were left surprised when they saw blue tick marks when their message was delivered. Wondering what that blue tick means, WhatsApp updated it’s blog to explain about the new feature. Since most smartphone users have turned on ‘Auto app update’ feature, they were the first one to get the update as soon as it was pushed.

While Android users still had a way to go back to the previous version, iPhone users had no chance. People were denying updating the app looking at the issue faced by others. However, WhatsApp forced everyone to update his or her app.

whatsapp read

A quietly released feature that might have destroyed many friendships by now, created tumult. Considering the disappointment, WhatsApp released a new update where you can now “Disable” the read receipts feature.

read receipts

WhatsApp version 2.11.44 or later for Android brings the feature for you. If you’ve updated your app just head over to WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy. Uncheck the Read Receipt checkbox and you’re done.

This works similar to the last seen feature. If you’ve turned if off then on one will able to see if you’ve ignored their message. However, in turn, even you’ll not be able to see if the other person has ignored your message.

Currently this feature is only available for Android. If you’re an iPhone user, WhatsApp will soon push an update for you as well. In case if you have jailbroken you can download the “WhatsApp Read Receipt Disabler” tweak from Cydia which works the same way.

If you haven’t updated your WhatsApp on Android, we highly recommend you to do so. Disabling read receipts so far the best feature WhatsApp has ever gave us.


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