Guide: 7 things to follow while switching to new Web hosting

Many people in this world change their web hosting services frequently, it’s just because they are not satisfied with the current Hosting. There might be several reasons for shifting to a new web hosting company. Most common reasons among them includes Customer Support Services or features in the current package.

These things are pretty normal to every one, but there are lots of other things which need to taken into consideration while moving to a new web hosting. Today I am going to share with you some of the most common things or guides that are to be followed while switching to a new web host.

Domains allowed

If you are looking to host multiple domains in your account then not choosing the limited package will be most useful for you and your business. You must always be looking for packages which provides you multiple domain add ons. There are multiple packages available under all web host which allow you to add and manage 1 domain, 5 domain, 10 domain, 50 domain, or even unlimited domains add-ons. You can choose the required package which suits your pricing and addon domain facilities.

Web Space

The Web space is always a crucial part to look on while moving from one host to another. You should always be aware about the current space which you are using. This will enable you you to rethink on the space requirement on the new web host and choose the appropriate package. Say like if your Blog/Website is using 50MB space, then you should be looking for a package which consist of web space within range 100MB to 200MB, the additional MB will be required to keep your backup. This will allow you to make a smart choice with respect to Space management and Pricing.


The bandwidth of a website is determined by the number of times a website or blog is opened by visitors or by administrators for viewing the content of the site or blog. This is relatively tending to increase if more and more number of visitors started coming to your Website or blog. If you are providing content that is no where available then you can always expect a lot of visitors to drop to your site for the information. Therefore choosing the web host that provides you more bandwidth to handle visitors will be more useful in the long run of business.

Website Uploading

This refers to the uploading speed an uploading size allowed by a user. Most of the time, the web hosting┬ácompany limits the size of file uploading for better performance. Incase if your file uploading size is limited, you can ask for customer service through live chat and you can request them to increase the limit. if the web host company doesn’t agree to you on increasing the size of file uploading limit, then the time has come where you would need to search for another host soon as possible because in future you would seriously face problem when you would want to upload a file or backup that is upon the limit of uploading.

Customer Support

In recent times this has become the major issue for customers to move from one host to another host. Many a times customers are not satisfied with their present customer support service. yes this has become a major problem particularly when we want our host to provide some useful urgent services to us but most of the time they are Offline. This is happening to us, when our sites are not working and when we require an urgent support from them , they tell us to support a ticket instead of solving the issue right on that time. Therefore, choosing the best customer support services will always be an excellent hosting choice for the customers.


Webmaster and Bloggers often requires the updated scripts to be used in their sites or blogs, so as to avoid possible collision of plugins and network resources. If you are a blogger, then you must always keep in check with all of your blogs and to update them regularly with the latest versions of the scripts available for use. Therefore choosing the web host which provides updated scripts will be more flexible to work with. Also you must be looking for web host which provides you additional scripts than the normal one which will tend to help you more in your business.

Operating System

This is the most important phase of Web Host Shift as this will enable you to know the current operating system your website is currently Hosted with. There are two types of web host services available popularly known as Windows Web hosting and Linux Web hosting. There might be no difference if you are moving your website from one operating system to another particularly when your website are created with Pure HTML coding. But there could lead to a big problem if your websites are created by additional language support like .NET, PHP, etc. So knowing the operating system is a crucial part for transferring your web services.

I hope these tips would surely make you perfect in choosing the web hosting company. Although they are not the complete tips and guide but these are some of the most important things to look on while choosing an appropriate web host. often the customer neglect these things and therefore there is a more often chances that they will again be looking for new web host always again and again. Stay connected with us for more news on web hosting guides. We will surely cover some more topics in the upcoming articles of web hosting related tips.

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