How To Comment Effectively To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

All bloggers know that commenting is good to increase traffic to their blog. Most of them visit many high ranked blogs to comment and to increase PageRank and traffic too. They post comments on many blogs, in anticipation of getting some traffic, but are more often than not, disappointed to see that they are not getting any web traffic from their efforts.  This can be rather discouraging and you may gradually stop commenting on other blogs.

So, what is the problem here? What mistake you have made? Simple! You already made a habit of posting lifeless comments like “Good article”, “Nice post”, “Good Job”, “Waiting for your next post, this was a nice post” etc. This is wrong. This might be good for your Backlinks increasing strategy. But, you don’t know the true potential behind commenting.

Yes, you can increase your backlinks and simultaneously, you can get huge traffic from your comments. This will happen only if you spend at least 1 minute on the article and read it. If you read the article then you can make a debate or some meaningful comment which will attract the readers and they will definitely click on your URL to know, who is behind this comment or debate! They will come to your blog, if they find your comments useful and it has some weight to it.

You can also keep in touch with particular bloggers of your niche via comments; apart from Facebook or Twitter. If you end up establishing some sort of a relationship with the blogger, then it could be useful in one way or the other.  Readers will think that, author and the commenter have some kind of relationship. If the readers love the authors, then they will love you too. His reader will visit your blogs too.

There is software called Comment Kahuna, which can be used for commenting on other blogs. You can search for high page ranked Do Follow blogs using that software. You can browse the blogs, read articles and post comments too. Commen Kahuna even provides a single button feature to fill all the comments fields. Many bloggers misuse this software by posting same comments to all blogs. They will not get any referral visitors from posting same type of comments and most of the bloggers (including me!) hate these types of comments comes to their blog and they will trash your comments. There might be much other software also available in web, but it is not ethical, if you use it to spam other’s blog. So use this software to identify good blogs to comment, and make sure that all your comments are relevant.

If you find any comments in your blogs, then don’t be surprised that you got a comment from your reader. 80% of the comments you receive is from other bloggers in the blogosphere. It is not bad to approve. Instead, you use these comments by commenting back to them and try to keep relationship with them. They will visit your blogs again and again, if they are your friend through comments. So, it is also a win-win situation-both for blogger and reader.

Some people use many links of their blogs in comment field to attract visitors from author’s blog. This is not wrong, if the link is related to the article, where you comment. But, don’t over post comments with your blog’s links and don’t overload the comment fields with many links. This might lead your comments get rejected by the admin or author.

Conclusion: Comment wisely. Its not just enough to make mundane commenst. Speak what your mind tells and don’t ever spam other’s blogs with unusual and unrelated links. Increase visitors along with backlinks by commenting wisely.

Be a nice blogger. Let me see, how will you comment on this post ! :)

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