How to effectively manage and delete WhatsApp Media on Android

WhatsApp media files, images, and videos are mostly downloaded the native inbuilt storage space of the smartphone, which demands a lot of space. The result of this is a slow android phone, as the primary storage starts running out of space. I have seen some people deleting their WhatsApp account because of this, but in this guide, we will share how to effectively manage and delete WhatsApp Media on an Android Phone so you don’t have to delete your account.

How to effectively manage and delete WhatsApp Media

If a person is a member of at least 5 active WhatsApp groups, there is a bigger chance the WhatsApp Images folder alone could size much humongous than any other directory on your smartphone storage.

The storage space run out because of WhatsApp media, especially the images due to many reasons. In most cases, it is because of your casual approach to the downloaded media. The fix for this issue comes in many ways, depends on your type of “issue”, apparently.

Delete all Images and videos in a Conversation

I am sure you are already in a group which sends hundreds of images every day. If you want to get rid of images along with complete conversation of such groups, you should choose to delete images when clearing up the images. This option is offered by WhatsApp.

One of the biggest advantages of taking this approach to delete all media files is that they don’t leave a trace of images which is usually left when you directly delete from the WhatsApp Folder. Make sure to favorite Messages which you want to leave behind.

Turn off auto-download media

The auto-download media feature of WhatsApp, on an aspect, is a curse for the users who have limited data pack and storage space in their cell. You have to turn off auto download for all the media to save some storage in future.

 manage and delete WhatsApp Media on Android

1. Open WhatsApp
2. Ta on the ellipsis icon on the top right corner
3. Choose Settings
4. Chat > media auto-download
5. Tap on “When using mobile data” and uncheck all the media.

Remove all “Sent” Images from WhatsApp

WhatsApp automatically saves the images and other media that you sent to your contacts. These files will not appear in the gallery or any albums, as the folder is hidden with tricky”.nomedia” file.

You can still free up a lot of space if you were sending many images over WhatsApp images and never bothered that they are being saved separately. These files are the exact copy of the original image that we chose to send from the native storage. So, deleting them will not affect the images on your smartphone, unless you want to see the preview from the chat screen. Follow the steps to delete the “Sent” images on Android smartphone.

1. Open any File Manager
2. Go to WhatsApp > Media > Whatsapp Images > Sent
3. Select all images except the “.nomedia” file and bulk delete them.

Now, you can find out your device freed up a lot of space.

Delete Duplicate Images

Ther can be many duplicate files present in your smartphone storage. So you need to check for all the duplicate data, which may use the storage space twice a single image. You do not have to manually check for the duplicate files on your smartphone, which merely not possible for an average individual. Several apps can help you in checking for duplicate images and remove them effectively.

Remove Duplicate Images from WhatsApp

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover is one of the impressive apps available for Android, directly downloadable from Google Play Store. The ad-free app has a minimal interface and scans for images fastly. The app checks every visible folder on the smartphone for the duplicate pictures, and you can remove them all in a single tap. You can see images from both the Pictures, DCIM, Camera, WhatsApp or even any other third-party camera folder with files having an exact duplicate on the device itself.


Move Data to SD Card

Choosing the media destination as SD Card is one of the most demanded features by users ever since the WhatsApp started its service. Still, there is no option for moving data to the SD Automatically. You have to use third-party apps to set WhatsApp media download destination to SD Card. Ther is this app named Moveit, available in Play Store you can use it to auto-move data to the SD Card.

Move WhastApp Images to SD Card

You can select the WhatsApp folder from phone storage to SD Card using the Moveit. After that, every data that is downloaded from the WhatsApp including images, audio, video, documents, etc. will be moved automatically to the new destination folder. So you can save the internal storage space.


Hope this article might help you effectively manage and delete WhatsApp Media, and reduce the issues caused by the overwhelming number of WhatsApp images and space limitation issue do to it.