How to Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

Even if not everyone, Dark Mode has its fan following. The recent app to join the Dark Mode is Facebook Messenger.  While it is straightforward to enable it, it seems to be Server side activation. There is no update required for the app. Let’s figure out how to enable dark mode in Facebook Messenger.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

Turning on the dark mode is an easter egg. All you need to do is send a crescent moon emoji? in any chat message. It will result in the moon shower on the screen until the dark mode setting shows up. Just after that, you will get the option to access Dark Mode.

Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

Tap on it, and it will open your profile. There will be a Dark Mode toggle which will enable this feature on the messenger. It does warn about some reamining final touches. If you are a big fan of Dark Mode, you are going to love it. All the chat messages, settings, and other things are now dark. It uses a combination of greyish white with thick black in the Dark Mode.

Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

If you wish to turn it off any moment, head over to profile, and turn it off. You should get back the whiteness all around. I wish that the Messenger was integrated with Android Dark mode. Or it could have turned dark when the battery was low. That way it had been so awesome.

Facebook recently made significant changes to Facebook Messenger to make sure they get a new experience. The Dark mode had been there for a while but seemed to be available for all Android users. Let us know if you enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger. How was your experience? Did you like how they have done it, or it could have been better.