How to fix Message Not Sent error on Android Phone

Are you continually getting the irritating error message that Message Not Sent notification on your Android smartphone? It is a bug usually found on Android stock SMS apps but can happen for any number of reasons. In this post, we will help you fix Message Not Sent error on Android Phone.

Note: Many users have been reporting the same problem on several smartphones from various manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Motorola, etc.

How to fix “Message Not Sent” error on Android Phone

Check the account balance:

One of the major situations that our issue can cause is the lack of balance in our carrier account. So before everything else, you have to check your carrier account if there is enough balance or SMS pack available sufficient to send the SMS. If it is a specialized service SMS to any third-party services, the charges can be higher than the usual cost. If you find that your carrier account does have the sufficient package exists, then you can move on to the other solutions.

Check account balance in Android

Check for Message Configuration

Problems may persist due to the faulty messaging configuration on your smartphone due to the sudden carrier changes. The carrier-sold smartphones do not usually have this problem, but the unlocked versions can have. As we can use any SIM Cards on the International carrier unlocked device, it is also possible that the Message Sending information can change. Typically, the SMS Center or Message Centre configuration functions like an APN for the SMS service. So, you have to check it from the settings.

Check Message center in Android

For checking the right SMS settings, go to dialer > enter ##4636## > Device Information and there you can see the SMS Centre information. If it is blank or a wrong one, you can Google for the SMS Centre number for your carrier. Some smartphones might not have the option in the “Engineering test” window. So you have to go to Settings > Messages for changing the right information settings.

Change the default SMS App.

The stock SMS Apps can let you down from sending messages via the network. The most app bugs return the error message “Message Not Sent” or “Could not send the SMS” while trying to text someone. There is a lot of alternatives which you can use instead of the inbuilt SMS app on your smartphone like Facebook, Truecaller, etc. You can either try hanging them to Facebook Messenger if you are not worried about Facebook’s content monitoring and privacy.

alternative message app

When using the default SMS app, turn on the “Message delivery report” from SMS settings. It could at least help you in understanding the error cause.

I am sure all these tips will help you fix Message Not Sent error on Android Phone, and you should be able to continue using text.