Latest list of known Android malware apps – Are you infected?

With the number of apps for Android growing each day, people are at increased risk of downloading malware that may damage the phone or worse still, steal your data from the phone. This article takes a look at some of the most recent Android Malware Apps  We will discuss in detail while providing you with a list of known Android malware apps i.e. i.e. list of infected Android apps in the last section of the article.

The latest list of known Android malware apps

Note that this is not a comprehensive list of malware apps for Android phones. There may be many more malware inflicted applications available on the Internet – including Google Play and other popular marketplaces. Remember that there is no official Android virus removal tool so this list of infected Android apps (2018) will help.

Known Android Malware #1 – Security Defender

Since the chance of Android Operating system to become vulnerable is very high, users most often tend to install the anti-malware or antivirus apps. This is where hackers and cybercriminals use their skills to poison smartphones. There are lots of apps available in Google Play Store, aimed to protect the smartphones from malware. But, some of them are the malware but imitates as the antivirus tool.

The app named “Security Defender” is one among the popular phony Android malware list 2018. Recently, Google Play Protect team had found the app spreading malware, showing unnecessary ads and tracking the user data. Therefore, the app is no more available in Google Play Store.

Known Android Malware #2 – Advanced Boost

The App is almost similar to any other so-called battery booster app available for Android smartphones. As you know, the battery boosting apps are not great for raising battery life, and they could even affect adversely. The Advanced Boost is just the same with malicious codes injected.

The app was found to be showing constant notifications about the device health, even though the smartphone is running fine. Also, the app runs in the background for the entire time, only shows ad cards and scam notifications. It stores the device ID, smartphone vendor, model, locations, etc., and transfers it to a remote server. Fortunately, Google removed the app from Google Play Store listing. You need to keep in mind that there is no need of using device performance booster apps thinking they would enhance the user experience.

Known Android Malware #3 – Fake Fortnite Game

Fortnite, one of the popular action survival games on cross-platform, is currently available only on the iOS platform. The developers have not released an Android version of the game. As there are a lot of fans for the game, Android users often search on play store for the availability of the game.

Latest list of known Android malware apps – Are you infected?

Some criminals seem to have been exploiting the chances with fake Fortnite apps. The are many Fortnite imitating apps available on Play Store, which dismantle the level of trustworthy. After installation, it shows a Fortnite icon in apps drawer, but it is a spyware. The app spies on the users who installed it on their devices. Also, some of them come with crypto mining codes.

List of Other Known Android Malware

  • Music Mania
  • Subway Sonic Surf Jump
  • tube.mate
  • Snaptube
  • KingUser
  • Kingroot
  • Fake Google Maps
  • AlphaBear Emoji Keyboard-*+

That concludes our list of most recent Android Malware Apps. The best you can do is to be very selective when downloading apps for your device. I would also recommend you to go through user reviews to know if it is a valid Android app. Reviews are easily available on the Internet when you search using “review + APP_NAME” keyword (replace APP_NAME with the name of the app). If you still doubt the application, better leave it for good.


  1. My whole android phone is compromised. When I look under almost all my apps it will shoe that they need to be paid for then it says it’s a malicious app. I tried resetting it goes right back on as if my phone never reset or if it did these apps or malicious software boits right back up w it. Its consumed my life trying to fix my phone I don’t understand how to fix or erase the codes or script. Or even where to look for the codes or script to correct it. This malwAre is definitely in my operating system. Please im begging for help please. This is the first basic knowledgeable info ive seen that seems easy enough for me to do. Thank you

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