How to Make Fake Blood that looks real – Safe DIY Recipe!

While growing up, we all must have thought of various way to make fake blood for fun or to pull off a nice prank. Never made it right, did you? Well, now you can! We have brought some simple and non-stupid steps to help you make some fake human blood. The good thing about this one is that you won’t actually have to pretend like a science student. All you need is some water, sugar powder, food colors and cocoa powder. Let’s make some blood then!

Steps to Make Fake Blood

Step 1: Take water. First of all, go grab a bowl of a handy size. Pour a cup of water into the bowl to start the proceedings.

Step 2: Add sugar powder. Now add 2 cups of sugar powder in the water. Make sure you mix it well before going to the next step.

Step 3: Pour red food color. Once the mixing is done, add 2 teaspoons of red food color. Mix it in the bowl. It won’t look like the real blood just yet.

make fake blood

Step 4: Pour green food color. After red, it’s the green food color you will have to add to the bowl. But just one teaspoon will be fine. Adding green color will make it look darker just as human blood looks like.

Step 5: Add cocoa powder or chocolate flavored syrup. Lastly, add a cup of cocoa powder. It will make your mixture a little thicker. And that’s it! Here is the fake blood that looks like human blood.

make fake blood

That was simple. Wasn’t it? Not as simple as putting up some ketchup. But it’s actually a far better option than using ketchup as you can clearly stand out the difference between the color of ketchup and the color of blood. Besides, the method mentioned here is neither any difficult nor much time-consuming. You can make fake blood by yourself without having your own lab. Also, it’s not harmful even if it gets in your mouth. Unless you are a diabetic, of course! This mixture sure does look like real blood if you want to prank your friends. So, go out, scare your neighbors and friends. Happy Halloween!

Still confused? Check this DIY video tutorial to make perfect fake blood.