What is a QR or Quick Response code ?

Quick Response code, or QR codes, are widely used all over the world. For the unknown, a QR code is a two-dimensional code that consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background (many companies use modified QR codes with non-black modules). A QR code can contain information ranging from numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary etc. It contains encoded information that can be retrieved by scanning through a QR Reader which decodes the information.

First used in the automobile industry, a QR code is fast gaining acceptance all over the world and is in frequent use in Western countries. India still has to catch up on this but latest market trends favourably support it with many advertising/marketing campaigns of top notch companies displaying a QR code with their URL encoded in them. A QR code carries some great advantages:

  1. Secure: A QR code is very much secure with the encoded information safe inside. Save your passwords, important information upto 1400 characters in to QR code and it always  stays with you.
  2. Portable: You can carry all your confidential information in the form of a QR code as and when you wish and decode the  same as you please. You can access a QR reader from almost anywhere to decode your information.

However, the absense of a QR reader when in times of need may render you extremely helpless and the only option would be to solve the code using pen and paper.

The use of QR code is fast rising and the time is not far when it may become a standard for displaying short / important information. A few QR code generators are available at :
Kaywa QR Generator
QR Stuff
QR code generator

While a QR code reader is available at almost every platform, be it Android, iOS, Desktop etc.
Kaywa QR reader
Desktop QR Reader

Why don’t you scan the below QR code and comment below, the information it contains ?