10 Rare Things You Don’t Know About Bill Gates

Microsoft founder and Our Favorite, Bill Gates revealed many personal details, which you never heard before, in one of Gates’ most open interviews ever. He is the second-richest person in the world for now. He is at the age of 55 and graced many times on the cover of Forbes Magazine. He grew his back-room startup of 1975 with Paul Allen to a multi-billion company. A few days back we read about some known and lesser known facts about Bill Gates. Here are some more rare ones.

  1. His children make fun of him by singing “Billionaire” song by Travis McCoy and Bruno Mars and they skip the bad words used in that songs such as f***k to freak. The song goes like this: I wanna be a billionaire so f***kin’ bad…
  2. His children don’t have any Apple products, instead they have Microsoft alternates. They use Zune, a Microsoft portable music player.
  3. He bought Codex Leicester, one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebook for whopping $30.8 million in 1994.
  4. Bill Gates said that the office of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was the brainchild of his wife Melinda Gates and he just signed all the cheques during its making.
  5. Many believe that after Bill Gates retired from Microsoft day to day running on 2008, the company has lost its edge to Apple and Google
  6. According to Bill Gates, now his full time work is Bill & Melinda Gates Charity Foundation, which has assets of worth $37.1 billion and Microsoft is his part time duty.
  7. Mary Gates (his mother) died of breast cancer on 1994. She was a teacher and a businesswoman.
  8. When He came to India (Uttar Pradesh) for his charity works. One of the guys present asked the Chief Minister, “Who is this guy?”, the Minister replied, “This is a white skinned guy I brought with me”. Many of them received the Foundation’s help and yet didn’t even know who Bill Gates is, in the developing world.
  9. While talking about Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Bill Gates accidentally pronounced his ex-girlfriend Priscilla as “fiancée Priscilla”. This word made sensation in all the medias and Elliot Schrage, Facebook’s head of communications revealed that Bill Gates was mistaken (or misunderstood?!)
  10. Bill Gates has a Twitter account but he had a problem with his Facebook account and not using it.

Source: [Dailymail].