How to Remove Ticker from Facebook

Facebook is having a new feature called Ticker,which shows all the news feed and latest activity by friends above the chat only. Mostly People don’t like it because it interrupt the chat and usually tells all the stories by time to time. And some people mostly love  Old Facebook.

Now with a trick you can remove the Ticker and get the Old Look:

NOTE: This feature is only available for Google Chrome.

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Download this Facebook News Ticker Remover.

3. Click on Add to Chrome.

4. Refresh the  Page (or)  Restart Google Chrome.

5. Now open Facebook and you can see, Ticker is no more in your profile.


  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Type chrome://extensions in the URL box.
  3. You will see “Facebook Ticker Remover”
  4. Uninstall it.
  5. Restart Google Chrome.

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