Tips To Download And Install Installous 4.0 On Jailbroken iPhone & iPad team has launched Installous 4.0 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Installous will allow you to try finest apps for free before you may make a final purchase from the App Store.

However there are plenty of pretty cool apps available for download on the Apple App store for iPhone’s, iPad and iPod Touch. But most of the apps are priced heavily power users can’t resist themselves from buying these apps.

installous download and install for iphone

The Installous permits you easy to access free apps that are otherwise sold at the Apple App Store for a price tag. It is also a free app that can be downloaded using the alternative App Store Cydia.

The free downloaded Apple application files are in .ipa format and therefore Installous will enable you to direct download links to any .ipa file that you are in need of.

Steps to Download Installous 4.0 for iPhone’s:

  • Start Cydia on your Jailbroken iPhone.
  • Select Manage tab at the bottom of Cydia app
  • Select Source, then Edit and then click Add.
  • After this a dialog box will open that will ask you to enter an URL. Now enter
  • Now tap on Add Source. Cydia will automatically make the required settings to the Installous source.
  • Once Cydia updates its source then search for Installous.
  • Tap on Install button at the top-right corner of Cydia.
  • The latest version of Installous will be automatically installed on your device.
  • Once installation is complete, you will see the new Installous 4 icon on your home screen.
  • Using Installous try downloading thousands of free apps.

The Installous is one of the finest apps introduced by team that made the iPhone one of the most popular phones in the market.

Steps to download the Jailbroken Apps using Installous:

It is very easy to download apps that you need using Installous it provides the downloaded apps in .ipa format.

  • Open Installous apps you can see five tabs located at the end – Home, Browse, Search, Downloads and updates.
  • Using Search or Browse tabs find the app you need
  • Select the suitable cracked version of app and click on download
  • The downloads will be showed in download page.
  • Click on install once it’s completed.

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