Top 5 Universal Messengers

How often we wish that rather logging in various accounts to talk with friends on different IDs, if we could talk with all of them in one place? Well, if you are one of the wishers, you probably haven’t heard about universal messengers. Universal Messengers are much similar to the traditional messengers like Yahoo or Gmail, the main difference between them; however is that Universal Messengers allow you to log in into all your accounts using single messenger software. Perplexed? Let us show best of them so that you can understand and start using all your accounts at ease.


If we are to review best universal messengers based on their look and usability, no doubt Trillian would stand first. This is a Windows based messenger, which provides support for all major chat services as well as some lesser known ones. Lots of new features, are added to the messenger with each update, which is released periodically. Some features:

  • Social Networking ready

  • Interface can be personalized

  • Multiple language support

  • Group Chat enabled

  • File Transfer support



This is an application in which email notification application, instant messenger and social networking tool, all are blended together. Some of its features:

  • All major networks are supported

  • Emails can be sent using any account Digsby is tracking

  • SMS facility is enabled

  • Receives alerts for any notifications on Facebook and Twitter

  • Tabbed windows for multiple conversations with friends



Another chat application, which allows you to connect with multiple accounts at a time. It is open source application and thus anyone, even you can make changes in its source code should you wish to. Some features:

  • Extensive Language Support

  • Available only on Windows and Linux

  • Supports file transfer, smilies , notifications and custom buddy iconifications

  • Open Sourced and hence is free to use and improve



It is an instant messenger which allows an appreciable user adoption and usage. It can also be downloaded on mobile thus staying in touch with loved ones is very easy. Its main features are as follows:

  • Video and Audio chat enabled

  • Has an Apple iPhone interface

  • Has mobile connectivity

  • Let you choose Chat Rooms that suit your personality and mindset

  • Independent of Operating System (Probably most important feature)



It is an open source instant messaging application designed specifically for Mac OS. Its user interface is much better than that of iChat. It provides highly customizable interface. Some of its features are:

  • Open Sourced

  • tabbed windows for multiple chatting

  • OTR Encryption

  • File Transfer ready

  • Available in many languages


We have seen some great messengers available today using which you can use multiple accounts. The most important thing, we should notice here is that all of them are free and thus anyone can download them.

It is up to you to find which one you like the most and want to use! However, whichever universal messenger you might choose, you will get a quality service, that’s for sure.


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