Top 5 Ways for Beginners to Earn Money from Blogs

Many of millionaire bloggers around the world are just hobby blogger – they blog for passion! They didn’t even know about monetizing the blogs when they started writing. But slowly they found many ways to monetize their blogs and now, they are millionaires!


I want to tell you about some good options by which you can earn good money by your blogs whether you write part time or full time. These all are possibilities of good earnings and if you effectively use these options, then you might get into the list of millionaires!

  • Advertising: Most of the bloggers in the blogosphere use this method to earn money online. It is the easiest and most effective option too. There are many ad networks available on the web such as Google Adsense, Adbrite, Buysellads etc. There are many ways of advertising, not only by displaying images and text ads, but also by showing “In-Text link” ads such as infolinks and kontera ads. You will earn nice money from this type of advertisements, if you have fair amount of traffic to your blog.
  • Affiliates: Yes, this method of earning needs some hard work to get good result. You need to write multiple articles, which should direct the readers to your affiliate link, which will lead to a sales conversion. If your reader buys from your affiliate link, then you will get paid from your affiliate networks. Amazon affiliate network is the finest affiliate network in the world, where you can sell from e-books to electronic gadgets. You can even get the affiliate ads from your web hosting too. Some will pay around as high as 50% of commission to low as 5%.
  • Selling Your E Books: Yes, you can sell your own e book! But, you need to write one first. Writing e book is not as simple as you think. It should be attractive so that your readers will open their wallet for you. Your e book should be convincing, and should solve some problems and should guide its users to something big. If you are writing the e book, don’t lie anything, don’t spread the hypes, be yourself and be attractive. You can put a small price tag starting from 4$. If your e book sold in larger quantity, you will get larger amount.
  • Write for Other Blogs: Many bloggers earn for their living by writing to other blogs. You should have some experience in the particular niche, which you are going to write. There are many blogs available, which will pay you for your articles. You must write on your own and must not rip or spin articles from other blogs. Some blogs will offer you fair price for your articles, and some will be happy, if you write for them at least thrice a week. So, this will not be a headache for you. You can if you wish write for us too at or
  • Review Products: Product reviewing is the latest and good method to earn goodies and the products freely. If you are writing in your blogs about multimedia speakers, your chance of getting “multimedia speaker brands” for review is high. You can earn it free, but, you should mention the terms and conditions about product reviews first. Your blog should be convincing to the brands, which is going to send their product for review. This is the win-win situation for both – you and the brands!

There are many other methods of earning through blogs. If you have any idea, that I missed here, please suggest me in the comment field below.