Troubleshoot: Problematic LCD Monitor Failures

A PC without a monitor is nothing but a piece of junk! Your monitor should be up and running all the time and should do its job perfectly fine. This, however, does not always happen! LCD monitors are one the first components that go wrong in a newly assembled PC.

PC monitors are sensitive to  most enemies of electronics like dust and heat. Even a voltage surge can damage your monitor! check out this article and get it fixed before calling the dealer for replacement. Remember, it’s not always the hardware that causes problems!

LCD Monitors Failure symptoms

  1. No image display
  2. A black dot in the center or the side of the monitor. This is called Bleeding. Here we have no access to help but a piece of advice for replacement.toshibar600deadpixels
  3. Monitor turning off after flickering
  4. Regular Flickering when booted into the OS
  5. Strange looking colors at several parts of the screen

If you experience several of these problems, your monitor needs some tune-up.

Troubleshooting LCD Monitors

  1. The  BIOS Test – Boot into the BIOS to see if the flickering/color bands continue. If they do, there’s a problem with the monitor. Get it replaced.
  2. Else – If it doesn’t occur in BIOS, there’s something faulty with either the card or the OS. Try powering the system with the VGA adapter plugged into the Motherboard’s stock graphic solution.
  3. Change the Cord – Try another VGA Cable to connect the system on.
  4. Reinserting GPU – Open your cabinet. Remove the GPU and clean the connectors. Reinsert the GPU back into the slot and try rebooting
  5. Drivers – Drivers update may help a lot.

Hope this all will help you when your Monitor becomes problematic. Got any queries or suggestions? Please comment.

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